Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 round up!

what were your favourite projects of 2008?

i spent some time this morning going through the last years worth of blog posts (because i've been blogging for more than a year now, believe it or not!) picking out my favourite things that i've made.

i was aiming for my top 10, but i couldn't do it. i just have too many different TYPES of things i do!

so here's my list, complete with pictures and links. (sorted by style/type, not by favourites!)

the virgin mary chunky page, with the small statue and the niche cut out

the red velvet sacred heart chunky page, complete with flames

the atcs that i made for the no paper atc swap, particularly the acetate ones. i love how they turned out.

the altoid tin i made for a-roze in the trick or treat altoid tin swap, including the little altered book that was tucked inside
tin inside
book front

funfur and vinyl flying love monsters. gah, i love these guys so much!

the ginkgo vinyl carry on bag that i made for miranda when she came to visit last spring

the fat is gorgeous vinyl bag i made for pam's fundraiser at work
blurry bag

the blue bird vinyl bag that i made for gingerquilts, using the image from jean's wedding totes
gq bag1

pretty much everything i made for the bird swap!

the hand embroidered baby bibs that i made for angie and warren
fleurs bib1

the hand embroidered pillow that i made for jean and camden
moon pillow

pretty much everything that i made for the master craftsters campaign
rose button

the machine embroidered vinyl baby bibs i made in december for torrin
gothmas bib backing

myhalloween costume! and as part of that, probably the most used and loved thing i made this year - the sample hoodie i made to test the sleeves. i didn't take pictures of it, because black clothing never photographs well, but i wear it almost constantly, i love it so much. the sleeves are a lot less poofy than in the pink hoodie, but they're cut the same way.

my anti-olympics and my queer cross stitch pieces

my femme skirt, made using waste canvas and satin floss


Shhh said...


I might have to try and make myself a femme skirt because that is made of awesome.

You are awesome.

amy dame said...

thanks! cross stitch really isn't that hard, you should definitely try it!

i'm planning a few more, i love this one so much!

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