Sunday, October 26, 2008

happy halloween!!

dearest blog,

i know, i know, i've been neglecting you TERRIBLY! i can't seem to master the art of crafting AND blogging, and the last few weeks have been full of crafting, to the point of ridiculousness. i have so much to catch up, atcs sent and received, altoid tins sent and received, and a jar of whimsies sent and received.

but first i'll show you what was occupying all my waking hours the last week or so....


i made a halloween costume! as much as i love halloween, i haven't done anything for it the last couple of years, i just wasn't up to it, and i haven't made a halloween costume in even longer. i'm quite proud of myself!

so much pink

matching bag



hair and messy back

i made everything except the shoes (which are from no sweat)! the hoodie, the skirt, the pinafore, the crinoline, the bloomers, and the tights. the hoodie and skirt are fleece, made out of a queen sized fleece blanket that i purchased for $20 (SO MUCH cheaper than fabric by the yard), the pinafore was made out of exactly 1 metre of fleece (i have two teensy strips left) that i purchased after searching my stash for anything purple and coming up empty handed, the crinoline is made out of a pink sheer from my stash, and purple lacey curtain fabric i found at the thrift store on thursday, the bloomers are 1 yard of flannelette that i bought to make baby bibs out of, and the tights are a 4way stretch cotton/spandex blend that i bought for this purpose. the big goals of this costume were that it had to be WARM, since i was wearing it to the Parade of Lost Souls, which is an outside event, and that i really really didn't want to go into vancouver to get any of the supplies! and it had to be pink and purple - i made the wig several years ago, and i think i've worn it once, so i needed another excuse!

the hoodie is based on my basic hoodie pattern, with the sleeves altered, the skirt is an almost circle skirt, made using this awesome skirt pattern calculator, the pinafore and crinoline were made up as i went along, and the tights are my basic tight pattern that i developed several years ago, but apparently i've never posted pics of my tights before!

i did the gathering on the hoodie and the skirt by hand, and then decided that it was totally ridiculous, i needed to use a ruffler foot, especially considering that i was running out of time to get the costume finished, and the crinoline would need A LOT of ruffling! i knew i had one that a coworker had passed on to me, so i hauled it out, only to discover that it was for a high shank machine. ugh. so into the crawlspace i went (did i mention this was at 1 am?), and checked all of the machines i have stored under there, and found ONE high shank machine. i have 9 or 10 sewing machines, and only ONE of them is high shank. so i hauled it into the studio, cleaned it off, opened up the bobbin case.... and realized it takes some strange shaped bobbin, very low and wide, which i didn't have. argh! i sent my sister a frantic e-mail asking her to call me the next morning. at 7:15 the next morning my phone rang, yes, she had a low shank ruffler foot, it was 60 or 70 years old, an accessory for her singer featherweight, but it should work. so i hauled my butt over to her apartment at 8am, right in the middle of morning rushhour.

i came home, and huraay, it fit! i gathered up the ruffle for the pinafore, and it was great. and then i started on the crinoline. urgh. my needle kept breaking, it was making bad sounds... so i called around, and it was determined that i really should have been using an actual brother brand ruffler foot, and that continuing to use the singer foot, even if i could get the needle to stop breaking, might throw my machine out of alignment, which i definitely didn't want! so off i went to the brother dealer, and came home with less room on my visa card, and a new ruffler foot. damn, this thing is so cool! there are a few tricks to using it, and i'll post about them later, but overall, very damn cool!

i finished the pinafore, crinoline and tights on friday, and cut out the purse and the bloomers. saturday morning i slept, then got up and finished the bloomers and the purse, and decided to add pockets to the pinafore to hold my camera and stuff, so did those as well. i finished the costume, including hand sewing the buttons on, by about 2:30, and i didn't even have to leave the house until 5! i was quite impressed with myself, actually.

and it worked wonderfully. it was a really great night, just a little bit brisk, my face was a little cool, but the rest of me was cozy warm! and i love the sensation of being warm while my face is cool - it reminds me of being a little kid!


Karen Bowers said...

what a great costume! very creative and i love that you even made a matching purse!

kelly said...

Awesome work on the costume -- you look fantastic!!

Rachel said...

damn that's an awesome costume!! good work!

amy dame said...

thank you everyone! i'm really proud of it, and amazed that i got so much done!

karen, i HAD to make a matching purse - all of mine are black! i have one knitted pink bag that goes across my body, but i didn't want to mess up the front of the costume, plus, it isn't lined and stretches like crazy, and one baby pink wristlet that's edged in black lace with a black silkscreen of a fishnet clad leg on the front. not big enough, and not appropriate! this bag was fairly simple, just lined with cotton so that it wouldn't stretch.

Jonette said...

wow! congratulations on a wonderful piece of work! I can just imagine all the effort that went into making this. I'm blown away by the many layers of ruffles, the purse, and the wig! (the wig, I lovelovelove to bits.) awesome!

amy dame said...

thanks so much jonette! it was SO many layers, and such a feeling of accomplishment!

Ariel Hunt-Brondwin said...

so cool! my halloween costume this year is pretty much the most boring ever - I'm being major hoolihan from MASH with Adrian. His costume is way better than mine but that's ok. Next year i will plan something much better. Anyways your costume looked amazing - i'm so jealous of you, i've actually never been to the parade of lost souls! by the way did you make the wig using the bum part of old pantihose?(with the leg holes all sewn up) my mum made haley and I some really great wigs like that when we were kids for halloween.

amy dame said...

thanks ariel!

i haven't really dressed up for a few years, and i was DETERMINED to go to the parade of lost souls this year, and to make a costume. i've been sick ever since, but it was totally worth it!

the parade of lost souls itself was kinda eh... it's not nearly as good as it used it to be, it's just gotten two big. i'm totally going to be one of those cheesy scenester kids and say "it was better before"! it really was though.

i actually didn't use pantyhose, though i probably should have put that on beneath, my hair wasn't as flat as it should have been. the wig is made on a base of elastic, so that it can fit to different size heads really snuggly. i made it a few years ago, it took me about 10 or 12 hours i think. SUPER time consuming!

Brigid Keely said...

Ok, yeah. I can't stop grinning. That is a FANTASTIC costume. :D

amy dame said...

ha! thanks!

you know, i offered to lend it to my little (21yr old) brother when he needed a costume, and he turned me down... i can't imagine why!

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