Tuesday, October 28, 2008

more halloween goodness!

before i move on to catching up on craftyness, i wannted to post a few more pictures from saturday night.

there were shrines set up all through the parade route, but since we didn't follow that, i missed them. however, i DID get to see the shrines to lost things in the park! sadly, there was a ledge right in front of them that people kept sitting on, and i hadn't quite figured out my new camera, so the pics aren't all that great. but you can still get the idea of how awesome they were!



this one was set up in the children's water play area in the park, where the ground is all rolly, (i just made up a word!), which was perfect for the skeleton swans!







as you can see, some were better than others, but the thought behind all of them was fabulous! there was also a shrine to lost languages, and unfortunately i missed that one.

they also had chloroplast bird silhouettes in all the trees. i loved that!

there was also a lot of projection art onto big sheets throughout the park, and fire dancers performing, but i missed most of that. i think if i go next year, i'd like to go earlier to see the shrines and stuff before the crowds get too huge, because it was kind of overwhelming!

i did get to see some really fabulous costumes though!

the yipyips! i spent way too much time on monday morning watching old sesame street clips on youtube thanks to this costume!

there were lots of robots wandering around!

this cupcake costume was AMAZING!

and this one was just ridiculously cute! i was so sad that i didn't get a clear picture!

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