Saturday, November 1, 2008

update post - one of a few! the jar of whimsies swap

i normally hate posting multiple big picture posts all on the same day, but i'm never going to get caught up if i don't!

i was recently in the jar of whimsies swap, and i was partner with pam/kittykill, which is always awesome, since i love her to pieces.

she sent me an awesome jar, and added lots of bigger goodies to the box. we both love halloween, so we went a little halloween crazy in our packages!



all the little stuff! there are closeups here, here, here and here.

small notebook, awesome japanese stamp set, pumpkin candle in a tin coffin, box o'bones (so cool!), skeleton gloves, and polka dot sunglasses

kickass vintage workbasket magazines, halloween stickers, great pulp postcard, a cat applique, crystal star iron on, kitty tissues, and the most AMAZING halloween cards, like valentines but for halloween!

and some of my favourite things!
these skulls are leftover from pam and mark's wedding two years ago, so they're extra special!

zombie finger puppet and kitschy devil masks

awesome windup skeleton and mummy ribbon

totally awesome button (damn right!), cute little fawn, crazy baby in bunny costume, and the awesome little camera that shows pictures when you peer inside and press the yellow button

and these amazing rosaries. there's an IMAGE when you look through the little circle! it's very cool!

i was totally spoiled!

and these are all the goodies i sent her. i found this awesome jar, but it was a bit bigger than it was supposed to be, so i added some bigger items to fill it up a bit.


all the non handmade stuff together
there are lots of closeups, because i obsessively photograph everything! and everything's labelled/listed on flickr as well. here, here, here, here, and here.

handmade stuff
crow magnet
crow magnet - image cut from scrapbooking paper, black glitter around the edges, glued in a black painted bottlecap, glossy accents on top

owl magnet
owl magnet - vintage image and black glitter in black bottlecap (spraypainted black), glossy accents on top it bubbled a lot, unfortunately.

halloween trees
dyed halloween trees - orange sequins attached using glossy accents, bases painted with black acrylic paint. i'll do a post about these separately, because they were an ongoing saga!

and what was definitely the most intensive part of the package, the crosstitch bat!
it's cross stitched with DMC cotton on perforated red paper. the back is here, if you're one of those people who like to see! the pattern came from Just CrossStitch magazine, the premier halloween issue. i picked it up because it had some neat patterns in it, but i didn't realize how much religious content there was until i actually started reading it later. it was disconcerting and uncomfortable. you can see the original design on the cover, the bat was intended to be stitched on 35count linen, so it ended up a bit bigger on the 14count paper!

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