Thursday, October 16, 2008

things i love thursday

it's thursday, and i remembered this time!

last week i remembered on tuesday, and then again on sunday. oops.

so! things i love thursday! on time!

* embossing powder. once i post the halloween atcs i made, you'll see how obsessed i've been! it's just so frigging cool! it's like magic!

* having a cutting table again! i think i mentioned the leak in my storage shed in august? all of the wet boxes got hauled inside and dumped on a tarp in the middle of our dining room, and my sister and i (mostly i, since it was mostly my stuff) sorted through everything and put it all into rubbermaid tubs. however, since i can't carry anything, the tubs have been sitting in the dining room ever since, waiting for someone else to carry them back out, and the table was covered in treasures we found while sorting. monday was thanksgiving, and i was determined that we should sit at a table like a family, so i busted my butt pushing the tubs around, and made enough space to pull the table out and clear it. wahoo, i have a table!!

* thanksgiving dinner!! mmm, stuffing. i LOVE stuffing, and none of that fancy shit stuffing. bread, spices, an egg to help hold it together, celery. it's the food of gods!

* having time to craft what i want! i finally finished up and sent for the altoid tin swap, for the jar of whimsies swap, and for the halloween atc swap, and it feels so good! i was really excited about the swaps, and honestly i still am, but EVERYTHING i worked on for the last few weeks has been an epic saga! the two big ones have been received, so i'll post pics soon, and you'll see what i mean.

* on the same note, time to blog again! i didn't realize how behind i was until i started catching up! it'll take me a little while i think.

* llamas. yes, llamas! i drive by a field at least 4 times a week that has sheep and 4 llamas in it (3 adults and 1 baby now. i remember when it was 2 adults and 1 baby, but it grew!) they're the funniest looking animals, their butts make me giggle every time, they look like they're wearing jodhpurs!

* kitties. we've got 5, which is about 1 too many, but we love them to pieces anyways. i have two that spend their days in my part of the house, the non-outside cats (my sofie baby, and my sister's cat, who we recently adopted), and then at night we close the cat door and let mine out to fight with the other three. i adore cats, and i don't really trust people who don't... i say that jokingly, but honestly, i realized the last two people i dated were dog lovers, which might be a sign! i can't imagine not having cats.

* crosstitch. i don't know where this obsession came from, but lately i've been REALLY into crosstitch! it's incredibly time consuming, and i'm surprised i like it, considering the amount of counting required, but i do!

* my mom. my mom's a really amazing person, but lately i've been even more proud of her than i usually am. she's a writer, though she hasn't done much writing just for herself in recent years, and during the summer she finally wrote down one of the ideas in her head, and came up with a one act play. one of the theatre groups she's involved with decided to put it on, and last friday they performed it. it was incredible, and i'm so proud of her. this weekend they're taking it to be performed at a provincial one act festival!

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kelly said...

This post made me smile -- it's nice to hear what other people like! (Especially since we like a lot of the same things... I was thinking, "Hey! I like that too!" while reading your list.)

And yes... Embossing powder = Magic!

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