Tuesday, August 26, 2008

more exciting (and late!) news!!

angie and durin had their baby!! (angie did most of the work of course!)

this was so very exciting to all of us mods at craftster, since she was the first of the pregnant mods to pop (one more is due in november, and then another in february - there's something in the water all right!)

warren came into the world the morning of august 4th, and hopefully he won't be toooo much of a leo!

at the moment, he's going to be the most spoiled baby in the world when it comes to handmade goods, i'm sure! (that'll change once the rest of the mod babies are born, he'll have to share then!)

i busted my butt and managed to get the majority of my planned projects done and sent before he was born - i have one more that i was specifically waiting for his name before i made it, now i just need to start it!

first, i finished up the sublime stitching julie west embroidery that i posted a long time ago by sewing them into bibs.
finished bibs

they were all backed with drool-resistant nylon
finished bibs2

fleurs bib1
i LOVE how bright the sky is in this picture!!

fleurs bib2

fleurs bib3

fleurs bib4

rain drop bib1
again with the sky!

rain drop bib2

rain drop bib3

rain drop bib4

rain drop bib5

sun bib1
bright blue sky! i should note that i'm not JUST posting these pics because i adore the sky and the rose, but also because the actual colour of the fabric is somewhere in between the pics with a flash and the pics without. i DO have a purpose! it's actually the same fabric as one of the preggo tops that i made angie in the spring.

sun bib2

sun bib3

sun bib4

sun bib5

and i made them two sets of washable wipes, which were 2 squares of 7"x7" flannelette serged together. the brown really wasn't for poop! i didn't even think of that! i fell in love with the cowboy print, because i knew angie would like it, and then i looked for a solid that went with it. i also wanted a colour that would look good in the nursery, because i feel like so much baby stuff is so damn UGLY (packaging, etc), so i wanted to make wipes that could be kept in a basket without contributing to that!

and i made angie a shirt, which sadly did not turn out nearly as well as i'd hoped....
i scanned orange paisley scrapbooking paper, printed it onto an avery iron on transfer, cut out the letters and heart, and then ironed onto old navy maternity tank. sadly, i forgot to take into consideration the depth of the colour of the tank top, and it made the iron on much darker than i'd anticipated. you can barely see the design in the lettering, and the small baby in fetal position in the heart is pretty much invisible. plus, the iron ons acted wierd, almost like the burnt, and they stuck to the shirt. it was very weird. i love me my avery iron ons, and i've never had that happen before. i ended up washing the shirt to try to get some stubborn backing paper off.
i was sad about it, because i was SO EXCITED about my idea of having the baby in the heart, but i didn't have time to order a new tank top (and that felt wasteful too). it was a huge pain in the butt finding this one, none of the local stores had tanks left at the end of june (stupid!), so i had to order it online, old navy took FOREVER to ship it, then i had to pick it up from my US address (old navy won't ship to canada because they're stupid). i was actually hoping to get this done in time for the baby shower, but the shirt didn't arrive in time. i still think it turned out cute, just not AS CUTE as i'd hoped!

i also made an art piece, mostly as a thank you for angie and durin's hospitality when i stayed with them for the baby shower, but also because i wanted to send a "non-baby" present as well! i used a ttv photo of angie that i took while i was down there.
angie image transfer photo
it's painted on a canvas, the bottom layer is kroma acrylic paints in raw umber, permanent green, titanium white, carbon black and acrylide yellow. i drew the the stems and leaves before the paint dried. the image was colour copied and transfered using kroma gesso. after it was all dry i used a bunch of different stazOn inks - timber brown, saddle brown, olive green, stone gray and dove grey. the green and brown twill tapes were dyed for earlier projects, but i used timber brown and olive green stazOn inks to make the colours more vibrant. i used saddle brown on the twill tape with writing. the little A chipboard piece has purple flocking on it, but it was too bright for the piece, so i used stone gray stazOn to tone it down a bit. the word smile was a charm, but i cut off the circle, and used ranger adironback inks in ginger and caramel to colour it. the dragonflies were brads, but i cut off the backs. the metal pieces and the chipboard piece were all attached using silicone. i think it turned out very "angie"!

angie image transfer
before adding the extra layers. i tried the gesso transfer technique (i didn't want pure white, so i tinted it with a teensy bit of raw umber) and it wasn't as fabulous as i'd hoped it would be. the spots where it rubbed off made me sad, and the one corner rubbed off so much that i ended up rubbing more off on purpose so that it would look okay!


Rachel said...

those bibs are adorable! very nice stitching

amy dame said...

thanks! the more i embroider, the more anal my stitching gets!

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