Saturday, August 23, 2008

the most AMAZING wedding invitation and my rsvp!

i guess this shows how behind i am, since the wedding was almost a month ago, but i really really wanted to show this off!!

one of my dearest (and craftiest) friends j got married at the end of july, and it was the most lovely wedding. perfectly suited to her and her partner, just so THEM. it was a very brief ceremony that took place at an art showing that j is super involved with, and has been for several years. (i wish i'd taken photos of the pieces she had exhibited, they were incredibly wonderful little quilts.) after the wedding there was the premiere performance of anna camilleri's "still breathing fire", which was, of course, absolutely amazing. the wedding reception was held the next morning, due to the performance, and it was a very lovely "champagne brunch". all in all it was a fabulous couple of days, and it was so wonderful to see two people so happily suited to each other!

and the wedding invitation was AMAZING! my god! they made them all by hand, and planned a lot of the wedding details while making them, so there was so much love included in them.

when i received the envelope, i was confused, i couldn't think of what i'd ordered (that's a sign that you do too much online shopping!!). i didn't even think to look at the return address, since no one i know in canada ever mails me stuff!

i opened the package and found a little gift all wrapped up in polkadot tissue paper tied with thread and a little note with a knot design that said "for beautiful amy".

inside was a matchbox, wrapped in black leather and black lace with a red leather cord.
wedding invite 1
wedding invite 2

and inside the matchbox there was a match, a little magnet of hands holding, heart sequins and a little accordion folded book.
wedding invite 3

and showing the book unfolded
wedding invite 4

the book has a photo of someone playing guitar at one end (her partner's a musician) and someone embroidering on the other (j's a fabric artist)

so gorgeous! it was such an amazing invitation.

and i figured since the invitation was so cool, i should make an rsvp that was at least partially as cool!

it was very simple, because i wanted to mail it out immediately, but i really love how it turned out.

rsvp 1

i bought a set of lace stamps with a 50% coupon from the cheesy scrapbooking store (as opposed to the non-cheesy scrapbooking store where i usually go). embossed it with black onto wine paper and wrapped it around the matchbox. all the edges of the box were inked before i did that. the sides of the "drawer" were inked as well, because i didn't have time to wait for paint to dry! (i really wanted to get it mailed asap) the front and back ends of the "drawer" are embossed as well.

rsvp 2
i inked the inside of the drawer with a makeup sponge, again, to save time instead of painting, then covered it in glue and flocked it.

rsvp 3
inside there's a little note that says "i would be honoured" and a little shrinky dink heart charm made using this stamp from and stazOn ink.


Rachel said...

ohhh those are such amazing invitations! how beautiful & personal..

amy dame said...

i was so amazed by them! they were so beautiful, and i love the fact that they made them together, while planning the wedding!

kelly said...

That invitation is amazing. I'm glad someone else out there is going "all out" with wedding invitations. When I told someone recently what I've been planning to do for ours, they called me crazy.

Your RSVP is wonderful -- so sweet and thoughtful. I love that you respected the work that went into their invite with your own beautiful work. Lovely job.

amy dame said...

oh! i can't wait to see what you're planning kelly!

i HAD to do something more than a phone call, and i thought sending a matchbox back was fitting. she loved it too, she has the rsvp in a place of honour on her mantle.

charisma said...

i was going through google trying to find cool ideas on how to make personal yet cool wedding invitation and i came across ur blog. how i wish they could teach me every detail on how they made it> like how big was the matchbox and all. or maybe they can do it for me and i'll just order??

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