Tuesday, August 26, 2008

machine embroidered JKL atcs

these have all been received, so i can post them!

J is for Jar
j is for jar

K is for Key
k is for key

L is for Lightbulb
l is for lightbulb

i probably shouldn't have done the key first (the most complicated one, with the most curves and stitch size changes!), but oh well. i'm still really happy with them! i had paper ones all planned out, but couldn't get motivated to put all the sewing stuff away and haul out the paper stuff, so i did fabric ones instead.

JKL in progress
i printed out the images and traced them onto the dissolving stabilizer, then basted the dissolving stuff onto white cotton and the tear away stabilizer. i stitched around them, varying the zigzag width for the curves.

JKL action shot!
action shot!

back side of JKL
the backside after i'd removed the basting that held the tear away stabilizer to the white cotton broadcloth and the dissolving stabilizer to them both.

after i washed the piece to remove the dissolving stabilizer, i pressed heavy weight iron on interfacing to the back and cut out the atcs. i zigzagged around the edges, then glued cardstock to the backs.


kelly said...

Fantastic work! (As always...)

I LOVE these.

amy dame said...

thanks! i had a lot of fun making them! i think there'll be more...

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