Saturday, November 29, 2008

vinyl goodies and a chunky page!

and here's the package i sent gingerquilts!

mm, i love this bag! it turned out so well. the teal colour is so awesome, i'd totally forgotten i had it until i went looking for vinyl to use on this bag. i ended up buying more black specifically for this purpose, because i wanted a black vinyl that was a little shinier. the matte stuff i had just didn't look right. the lining is a quilting cotton, and i think it matched really well.

gq bag1

gq bag4
i added a little loop at the bottom of one side of the strap, it's handy if you have your keys on one of those hook things (carabiners? is that what they're called?) the strap itself is a strip of vinyl sewn to thick strapping.

the pocket on the back of the bag
gq bag2
gq bag3

and the inside, with lots more pockets! (i turned the bag inside out for the pics, obviously!)

the zippered vinyl pocket on one side
gq bag5

the cotton pockets on the other side to hold pens, ipod, etc.
gq bag6

elasticized pockets on the sides to hold cell phone, etc.
gq bag7

i made her a matching checkbook cover as well, with a simplified version of the branches on the bag.

the bag took forever, partly because there are so many pockets, but mostly because the design was so complicated! i used the same image as on the wedding totes i made for jean a year and a half ago, which is gorgeous, but finicky! i love the end result though.

and here's the chunky page i made. gingerquilts told me that the one she made me was fairly simple, so i took her word on it (she lied!), and made a fairly simple chunky page for her. i hope she liked it, even though it wasn't nearly as cool as the one she made me!

the front - i started with ledger paper and stamped with ink using a paper doily as a stencil, then i overstamped with a brighter blue with a stitching pattern stamp. i added a vintage snap card and the embossed scissors, needle and thread and thimble (stamps by victorine originals), then glued on some vintage buttons.
sewing chunky front

the back - the same background as the front, with an embossed sewing machine by victorine originals
sewing chunky back

details - vintage buttons, ribbons and fibers
sewing chunky detail


kelly said...

Holy cow! This bag is AMAZING. Fantastic work, lady. (As always!)

gingerquilts said...

I love my bag! I forgot to tell you that the checkbook cover is perfect. I do have the checks that tear at the top. Glad you like your goodies as well! I think the glow in the dark Mary was my fave. Don't worry about the chunky page silly! It's fabulous.

amy dame said...

thanks kelly!!

gingerquilts, i'm so glad the cover works! and i love my goodies! this was such a great swap.

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