Saturday, November 29, 2008

my amazing sacred heart quilt from gingerquilts, and more!

i have been a craptastic swapper, and it took me this long to post pictures of the awesome stuff i received from gingerquilts.

gingerquilts and i were partners in the IYP swap (IYP = invite your partner - she invited me, i was so flattered!) and we decided to each send one big project and one chunky page, since we were never partnered up together in the chunky swap. i saw the sacred heart wallhanging that she'd made for stifflersmom a while ago, and i've been lusting over it ever since, and she wanted one of my vinyl bags.

first, the chunky page. she told me it would be "simple"!! it's fabulous, and definitely not simple!
front of the fabric chunky page

and the back
back of the fabric chunky page

i love the sewing girl! her dress is so fricking cool with the letters in it, and the face is perfect! and dude, pompom trim!!

the big project. i wanted to post an action shot of this, but i haven't been able to get a proper hanger for it, so you can kind of see the blue gingham curtain rod i used instead!
sacred heart quilt wall hanging
isn't it amazing?!

and a wider shot, so that you can see how fabulous it looks in my bathroom!
action shot!

i love it so much! she sent me a bunch of other goodies because she felt bad that the quilt wasn't embellished enough - whatever! it's gorgeous! (but i still love the goodies anyway!)

she sent me a glow in the dark virgin mary figurine, which i adore (the one on the right!)
glow in the dark mary

and another wider shot, it fits perfectly on that shelf!
mary action shot

and awesome skull fabrics!! we have way less selection of fun fabrics here, and since i've declared a moratorium on online shopping (oh god, my poor visa), this is MUCH appreciated!
skull fabric

and these incredible vintage buttons! i LOVE vintage buttons, especially the big ones, and these are so perfect! she packaged them up in a little fabric bag, you can see it peeking out in the corner of the picture.
vintage buttons

she totally spoiled me, thank you so much gingerquilts!

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