Thursday, November 27, 2008

things i love thursday!

barely! i almost missed it this week. my little sister is over tonight, and i'm helping her with some last minute sewing for a project due tomorrow, and it's taking longer than i'd thought. my sewing machine makes very skookum buttonholes though!

so, just a quickie, cause i need to get back to it.

- east vancouver. oh commercial drive, how i love you. not just for the hot folks of all genders in funky clothes seen while people watching, not just for the thai take out, and not just for the people's co-op bookstore. i also adore you for your CHEAP organic and vegan food, and if i hadn't been so pressed for time and energy today, i would have come to see you, instead of paying suburb prices at the big chain nature food store. one day i'll be back with you.

- my friends! especially the mod girls, even though i've been feeling so crummy lately and have been pretty non communicative, they love me anyway, and they're always there for me. plus they're crafty, what more could you need in a friend?

- the snow geese that are resting in my area while on their way south. so pretty!

- sofie and louie, my kitty baby and my kitty nephew. they're such good cuddle monsters, and they're all about the lovin'. louie knew i felt crummy today, he crawled up my chest to nuzzle my face, and sofie curled up beside me. aw.

- pj pants! mmm, flannelette! i snatched up a couple very fun prints at 50% last night to make pj pants with, and i can't wait. one print glows in the dark!

there was something else.... i think of things to write throughout the week, and it never fails that i've forgotten half of them by thursday! i'll probably think of it just as i'm falling asleep!

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