Saturday, December 27, 2008

catch up post #2! more baby goodies!!

my best friend's baby is a year old now, so he's getting a bit too old for the drool size bibs, and he needs more coverage now that he's learning to feed himself!

i'd been thinking about making vinyl bibs for a while, and i finally got around to it in time for christmas.

i digitized all of the designs using PE Design Lite software, and then machine embroidered them. PE Design Lite doesn't have a whole lot of font options (30 or so), so i created files in photoshop with the words, and then digitized them.

this image is from a wingding font, i think it was 80s themed. the design took FOREVER to stitch, well over half an hour, and it stretched the vinyl out quite a bit, even with the stabilizer, which was irritating.
tape bib

when i gave it to them, the mom said "you'll never know what this is, but i will!" it's true, i didn't even think of that!
tape bib detail

tape bib backing
it's backed with brightly striped flannelette. i LOVE this vinyl, it's the same stuff i used for the vinyl octopus last winter. it's got great depth to the colour, it's almost pearlescent.

this one was a wingding as well, though i forget which font it was. halloween maybe?
fangs bib

i just wanted a gothier type design!
fangs bib detail

fangs bib backing
it's backed in a skull print flannelette that i bought at joanns on halloween for 70% off. they only had about a yard left, not enough for a bigger project.

this one is a sublime stitching pattern that's been digitized, it was one of the samples i posted when i first started playing with the software
heart bib

heart bib detail
heart bib backing
it's backed with the same skull flannelette.

glitter vinyl!
glitter vinyl bib

glitter vinyl bib detail

glitter vinyl bib backing
this one is backed with a star patterned cotton, because i didn't have a flannelette that matched.

their family celebrates "gothmas" in addition to the christmas that the extended family celebrates (his mom hates the tackiness of christmas), so i HAD to make him a gothmas bib!

gothmas bib
i'm really irritated that the "mas" isn't straight, but i wasn't going to restitch all the rest of it (or waste the metallic thread i'd already used!).

gothmas bib detail1
the holly is embroidered in metallic thread. i think the silver was coats and clark, and the red was gutermann. i stitched the leaves twice, because the silver thread broke and it was really obvious where i rethreaded it. going over it again covered that up and made the colour a lot more dense.

after i embroidered the writing, i went back and carefully stitched around each letter with the metallic thread to tie it in to the holly better. i think i'm crazy, it took forever!
gothmas bib detail2

it's backed with a black cotton that has silver holly printed on it. i didn't like how thin the cotton was on the backing of the glitter vinyl bib, so i added a layer of black flannelette between the vinyl and the cotton on this one.
gothmas bib backing


Brook said...

Oh these are so cool! I love the last couple ones!!! I love making oilcloth bibs!

amy dame said...


i can't find a decent selection of oilcloth ANYWHERE here, but i'd love to make some out of it! i should add that to my shopping list for the next time i go to the US!

this vinyl's a bit heavier than oilcloth is, so hopefully they'll hold up well.

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