Monday, April 27, 2009

chunky houses!

i was in the first round of the chunky house swap on, and then i missed out on round 2 because i was already in too many other swaps. i signed up for round 3, thinking that i'd do similar houses to the ones i made for round 1.

then i took the micheal demeng classes, and changed my mind entirely! i got really inspired by the paint layering we did in the class, and decided to play with that a bit instead.

i used sturdy chipboard houses that i bought at micheals in the $1.50 area. they're made by crayola, and are strung together on a binder ring. i separated them and trimmed them down a bit to fit within the swap guidelines, and went at it!

blue doily
vintage wallpaper base painted with payne's grey, vintage doily, stamps, painted cocktail sword, number ephemera

layer of kroma cackle over gesso, then a wash of golden pthalo green and then a layer of golden interference green. vintage craft leaf painted pthalo, vintage earring and bingo chips glued on.

this one i didn't end up sending. i don't like it nearly as much, the copper in the right corner bothers me. luckily i'd misremembered how many i had to make, so i didn't need it! i want to pry the copper coloured thing off and redo that corner.
golden molding paste used with punchinella for the top

golden molding paste used with punchinella for the bottom and textured for the upper. brushed with a wash of micaseous iron oxide paint

golden molding paste used with punchinella for the bottom various ephemera including vintage cardboard bingo chip. dry brushed with interference blue

i love how they turned out! they took longer than just collage because each layer needed to dry, but the end result was definitely worth it. i'm really loving the golden molding paste and liquid paints!


Nichola said...

I love the one you didn't send! I think it's actually my favourite of the bunch. I'd add that to my village any day.

Karen Bowers said...

i like this series! and that copper one, i wonder if it will patina into being a natural fit for that house?

Ephemeral Mailbox Museum said...

these are Absolutely Gorgeous, and inspiring! I'm so into house art and am working on some new houses in textiles (and who knows what other media!) to be mixed in with paper houses for this new show going up at my starbucks. It's so wonderful to see different houses while I'm in this headspace!

KatieEatsCake said...

these are really beautiful. the textures on them are amazing!

amy dame said...

thank you everyone!

i had so much fun with the golden molding paste, it makes awesome texture!

karen, i don't think it will patina, because it's sealed for use in crafting. i remember pieces like that from my childhood in the 80s!

sweet tooth crafts, thanks! i can't wait to see yours! i'd really like to do some fabric chunky houses too!

mrs knickertwist - i have'nt gotten around to changing it at all, so if you'd really like it, it's available for swapping!

Nichola said...

Sure! I still have a couple of ouija houses sitting about if you want to trade for one of them.

amy dame said...

ha! we should have discussed this BEFORE i bought one of your ouija houses i guess! i'd love another one though, they're fabulous!

i've got your address from the envelope, so i'll try to get this sent out to you asap!

Nichola said...

Ha! I could make something different if you'd like. Just let me know what you'd prefer :)

amy dame said...

nope, i love your ouija houses! one of them would be fabulous. :)

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