Monday, March 30, 2009

micheal de meng workshop, part two!

so! yesterday was the second day of the micheal demeng workshop. amazing, of course, but not quite as fabulous as the first day. the theme of the second was supposed to be nicho libra, but there wasn't really any instruction on creating the boxes or niches. he covered more in the critique at the end than he did during the instruction portion of the day!

i wasn't super inspired about making a niche, because i thought that was more something i could do at home, so i decided to concentrate more on the paint layering techniques that micheal taught us, so that if i ran into problems, he would be there to help (and it was good, because i did, and he helped!)! i'm really glad i took the second day of the workshop, because i really wanted the full experience, but i didn't feel like i got as much accomplished, or that i learned as much.

that being said, the workshop/classes were OF COURSE, so incredible! such a positive experience in pretty much every way (except my body hating me, of course, but even that was okay, it held up!). i am so so glad that i took it, and that i managed to do both days. it was awesome to work in that setting, talking to other artists, because as much as i LOVE all of my crafty and arty friends on craftster and in blog land, i am pretty isolated un terms of crafty or arty friends locally. and the workshop was incredibly inspiring (which i was totally hoping for!) and now all i want to do is get my studio organized so that i can start making stuff every day! i have so many ideas for new projects, i can't wait to start them all! and i am already looking forward to next year, when he'll come back and teach again, and his new book will be out!

so..... you wanna see what i worked on? of course you want pics, right? as sweets always says "without pics it didn't happen!" (sweets is a little picture obsessed, but since she takes amazing ones, we don't hold it against her!)

so. i worked on 3 projects yesterday, alternating while they were drying. i showed you the first two pieces that i started, here's what more has been done!

first, the cocktail fork piece. this was really hard to photograph, the flash makes it seem darker than it really is. i'm definitely going to add more, i think that the top and the bottom pieces need to be blended together better. i mentioned that saturday i'd done a coat of molding paste and white acrylic on it.

so yesterday i started layering paints.

the first set of paints -
fork in piece in progress 2
second set of paints -
fork in piece in progress 3

you can see that the colours are a little bit more tied together in the second picture, but there's still more work to be done.

the sieve piece -
i decided that i wanted the girl to blend more with the piece, to make her seem more robotic, in a stepford wives kinda way (with her "trophy chest"! that was a total fluke, i wasn't thinking that when i did it, but it goes well, doesn't it?). i did a coat of gesso, and then a coat of grey paint as a kind of primer.
sieve piece in progress1

then i did a coat of lightened up illuminaires silver paint and did some dry brushing on the bottom using golden's interference paints. she definitely needs more coats, and maybe a wash, to tone down the brightness of the silver (perhaps an uszhh, as micheal calls it!). and more dry brushing needs to be done. i might use some micaceous iron oxide on it too, to give the top part a bit more of a leaded look.

with flash and without flash
sieve piece in progress2 flash
sieve piece in progress2 no flash

and the piece i started yesterday, the BVM (blessed virgin mary). i was thinking about niches of boxes that i'd like to have on my walls, and i'm always berating muself for never getting around to making stuff for my bathroom, so this seemed like a good idea. i had two of these statues, but one had several marks on it.

i started by giving it a layer of gesso. my plan was to use a layer of dioxazine purple paint, then a layer of quinacridone/nickel azo gold, create the look of verdigree with several colours dry brushed on, then a wash of uzshh (quinacrodone gold and carbon black). i wanted her to look like an old brass statue, if you know what they look like with the green on them. micheal suggested i paint her black, then use interference violet on her, to get a bit more movement in the purple. i liked that idea, so i started painting her carbon black. it looked SO COOL all black and glossy while the paint was drying, but it was weird how uncomfortable i felt painting mary black!
bvm in progress1

after i'd added the layer of interference violet, i REALLY liked how it looked. unfortunately, my painting was really sloppy with the interference and it's super obvious! i thought i was going to put another layer over, remember? i think i'm going to sand her down and repaint the interference violet, even the black of neccessary.

current status, with flash and without. isn't the interference violet gorgeous on the black? oooh!
bvm in progress2 flash
bvm in progress2 no flash

the back piece for her is a silver plated bowl. it has a bit of a patina since it's silver, and i dry brushed interference silver, violet, blue and green on it. it really looks like the mary is reflecting on it when you see it in person.

i still need to attach the mary and put a hanger on the back, but that has to wait until i'm done painting or re-painting her.

and that's what i did yesterday! i'm really excited to keep playing around with the paint layering, and do do a couple of niches or boxes.

if you ever get an opportunity to take classes with micheal demeng, JUMP AT IT! it is so worth it!


Amy Rozeboom said...

It sounds like you had a really amazing weekend! And such good work. I love the cocktail fork piece. The colors are awesome.

amy dame said...

it was a really amazing weekend! and thank you!

the colours are totally fun, i'm looking forward to playing around more with paint in the future. my chunky houses might be more paint based than collage based!

Jennifer Perkins said...

Michael is such a sweetie he did a few episodes of Craft Lab with me and I loved his projects. Your silver doll thing came out really cool. Reminds me a wreath my friend made using all little dolls and plastic army men and then spray painted the entire thing silver.

amy dame said...

thanks jennifer! he was such a sweetie! it was really cute watching a few of the women in the class who were totally crushing on him too!

i so wish we got cool shows like craft lab here!

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