Sunday, March 29, 2009

i lied!

i said i wouldn't be posting this weekend, but i lied, apparently!

just a quickie again, because i'm still gathering paper and ephemera to take to tomorrow's class.

today was fabulous! super fun and inspiring, i learned lots of stuff that i can't wait to play with more.

i actually did pretty well healthwise, my back didn't start getting really bad until the last hour or so. it definitely helped that i was up and down a lot, going to the power tool area, washing off my hands, etc, so i didn't get too stiff. i brought my own dremel, but there weren't enough plug ins really, so i just used his. i didn't have any of my own protective eye gear anyway, and metal sends off a lot of sparks, so i was glad to have them available!

i worked on two pieces today, starting the second one while i was waiting for the first one to dry. i didn't end up getting much painting done, and i didn't remember to take a picture of the painting that i DID do, but here are my two pieces in progress, pre-painting.

sieve piece in progress
i added star studs in the bottom of this one after i took the picture, but otherwise the construction was done by this point. i'm not planning on painting this one as much, more just dry brushing to add colour.

fork piece in progress1
this was the first one i did, and it's turning out very cool. it was dry enough for me to add layers of mold paste and then white paint before the day was over. cutting the doll's head like that was super fun and a bit of a challenge - plastic gets HOT as you cut it!

so today went REALLY well. unfortunately, i didn't make it to the wine and cheese tonight, and i'm really disapointed. i planned to go home and sleep for an hour or so, but by the time i was half way home i was digging in my bag for pain meds and muscle relaxants. i came home and set my alarm, and i'm not sure if i got up and turned it off (my alarm's in the hallway so that i can't do that as easily) or if i just slept through it buzzing for 2 hours before it switched itself off! i woke up too late to go back, which sucks, but it gave me a bit more time to hang out and relax and upload pictures and chat with my mom, whose play had a matinee and an evening show today, which i sadly missed. (luckily it'll be in next month's theatre festival, so i'll go then!)

tomorrow is niche libre, either creating a home for one of the pieces i did today, or for something entirely. i need to go finish sorting through my ephemera and paper!

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