Saturday, March 28, 2009


this is a very quick post, as it's already past 2am.

tomorrow (today!) is the first day of the Micheal deMeng classes!!! wahoo!!!

i'm SO excited!

i'm also kind of stressed, but not letting myself think about it. what if i totally suck? what if everything i make looks like a 6 year old made it? what if everyone looks at me like "what's she doing here?" what if my back starts hurting really bad? what if my hip acts up again?

see why i'm not letting myself think about it?! i can logically tell myself that i'm being ridiculous, that the reason i'm taking a class is to learn, so obviously i'm not going to rock, that everyone in the class is in the same situation, and that i'm taking my own chair, to try to prevent hurting, and i'm taking pain meds and muscle relaxants with me if it does start. and besides, as long as i stay sitting down, my hip doesn't hurt much anyway!

randomly, i met two others who are taking the class in the cash line up at the thrift store today! i was carrying a stack of games and this woman said something like "it looks like you're having a party!" and i was actually truthful (half the time i lie because people get traumatized at the thought of me ruining things or something) and said "oh, no, i use the pieces in art projects, so i stock up when the games are 50% off" the woman asked what kind of art and i kinda stumbled and said "oh, collage, assemblage, stuff like that" and then she looked at her friend and looked back at me and asked if i was taking the Micheal deMeng workshop tomorrow! we introduced ourselves, and then i was so frazzled that i promptly forgot their names. i'll feel stupid tomorrow i bet, but i was SO frazzled! i didn't even have time to stop at the thrift store, but i was RIGHT THERE, so i couldn't resist, and then the line up was so long and slow, but by that point i had a fire king casserole dish in my hand, so.....

this week has been utterly ridiculous. i had planned to take it easy, so that i wouldn't be tired or sore for the weekend, but i ended up being so ridiculously busy. i had at least one medical appointment every day, sometimes two, and i never remember to factor in the recovery time! and then there was the shopping... i told myself that it was because i was still searching for the perfect toys to take to the class, but i totally lied. really it was the thought of vintage pyrex at the monthly collectible sale!

so tomorrow will be a long day. it would have been anyway, between the class and the meet'n'greet afterwards, but considering what time it is, it'll be even longer. obviously, my plan to have everything gathered up in advance didn't work as well as it should have!

i'm not going to be posting this weekend, so i'll leave you with pictures to tide you over...
pinking shears2
pinking shears1
aren't they lovely? they have a really nice substantial weight, and even though i have a serger, i'm really looking forward to pinking edges just so that i can use them! the box has a lovely aged patina as well. they were a great find.


kelly said...

Good luck in your class! Have a fantastic time. Can't wait to see what you make -- no pressure, but I *suspect* you will not make something that looks "like a 6 year old made it." (And even if you do, so what? Have fun doing it!)

Awesome find with the pinking shears! I've been loving making a pinked edge on things lately, even if they don't "need" it. :)

Amy Rozeboom said...

You're going to a class Demeng himself is teaching? Dude, I'm way jealous!

amy dame said...

thanks kelly! i know, i shouldn't stress, and i was actually doing pretty good until yesterday! luckily it passed pretty quickly.

i already have pinking shears, but they have plastic handles, and are stiff and rather uncomfy to use, so i never use them. these ones are fabulous!

a-roze, two days worth actually! it's an amazing opportunity! today's class was so good, and i'm really looking forward to tomorrows. he's really awesome, a lot of fun with lots of knowledge. he has some pieces set up for sale and i want to buy one SO BAD! but the smallest ones are $165, which is SOOO not in my budget! even after i paid for the class itself, the supplies i needed were around $150! which is really too bad, because several of them are skeleton style, which i adore. he's currently writing a book that'll be out a year from now, and it's all about mexico, you can definitely see the inspiration in some of these pieces.

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