Friday, May 1, 2009

machine embroidered fabric ATCs

just a super quickie, cause i should be in bed by now!

i spent so much time tonight getitng caught up on craftster swap stuff, and i owe e-mails to a bunch of people too. faith, meaghan, and emelyn, i'm not ignoring you, i promise! i have a bunch of stuff to update here, so i wanted to get a quick post in before bed. i'll e-mail you all tomorrow when i'm feeling more coherent.

these were the fabric ATCs i made for the recent swap on they were fun to do, and turned out quite cute.

sent to sheepblue
sent to a swapper who had robots in her wist, and likes bright colours. the robots were part of a border design. the colours are a bit off, unfortunately. the felt was a very lime green, and the robots and ribbon were very vibrant.

sent to sajona
sent to a swapper who likes 70s designs. i'm not so sure she liked it... i hope she did! the design was super girly, but i changed up the colours to be more 70s home decorish. it was a square design, so i trimmed it down to ATC size.

sent to audio-astrophysics
sent to a swapper who likes crafting themes, and i saw measuring tape trim like this on her wist, so it was perfect. the dressform is a redwork design, embroidered twice.

i have a ton of vinyl stuff to post, both here and in my etsy shop (so exciting, i'm FINALLY going to get it stocked up a bit again!), some thrifting finds, machine embroidered pendants, and i also want to post about the embroidery drama that's been going on, so watch for those posts soon!


bee listy said...

those ATCs are rad.

i can't wait to see the vinyl... i've been thinking about seeing if you'd do a smallish messenger bag for me, but i don't know what i want on it yet, so i haven't emailed or anything...

Dot said...

Thanks for playing Make Something Cool Everyday in April! I had a great time and met some cool new friends, hope you did too! Please come read this. I'm planning to do a wrap up.


Cynthia F said...

OMG Amy! I love these!! How freakin' cool!! I particularly like the dressform one- awesome work!!

Nichola said...

Holy crow those are cute! I don't think I could pick a fave. Really, really awesome :)

amy dame said...

thanks everyone! i felt a bit guilty that they weren't done by hand, but i really liked how they turned out!

becca, just let me know! it's so nice to start working with vinyl again, i inadvertently took a really long break from it! a few others have asked about bigger bags too.

colleen said...

These cards are so perfect! I love the idea of craft swaps too. I need to do one sometime.

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