Sunday, December 7, 2008

chunky houses! (catch up post 1)

these actually AREN'T that late! the last one was received just the other day, so i'm actually pretty current with posting them!

these were for a swap on, of course, and were pretty free in their definitions. just a chunky house on a base firm enough to not bend, 3"-4" wide and up to 7" tall.

i made 5 instead of the required 4, and sent the extra to the fabulous rackycoo, who was one of the organizers.

this one was my favourite, and i sent it to phizzychick. i was super tempted to keep it though!
blue house front
blue house back
the stamp used on this one was a tim holtz "dance partner", i just only inked part of it (i skipped the little boy part).

green house front
green house back
the stamp used on this one was the swirly one that i lost the label for ages ago, and the bird and circular label stamps from catslife press

purple house front
purple house back
the stamp used on this one is M040G "square motif" from

grey house front
grey house back
the stamp used on this one was from paperbag studios. i love the card on the front, it's from a vintage copy of the "dating game" board game.

and the yellow one
yellow house front
yellow house back
the "dashed circle" stamp used is from daisy bucket designs

they were fun! i've never really challenged myself to work specifically within a colour scheme like that, and it was interesting to look through my stash and see which colours i had te stuff for!


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amy dame said...

thanks! they were so fun to do, i just got into a zone and worked away on them!

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