Sunday, December 7, 2008


i guess it's a good thing that i'm behind on updating stuff, because everything that i'm working on now is SECRET (it's the season for it!). this way i can still post eye candy!

i'm frantically trying to get everything that needs to go to the US done by the middle of this week, so that i can mail it all from the US when i go down on wednesday. with the exchange rate, USPS isn't quite as cheap as it used to be, but it's still much faster! i've learned my lesson though, anything that needs insurance is mailed from canada or else UPS in the states, since USPS still hasn't processed my insurance claim from the massive box they lost last december! the post offices right by the border get INCREDIBLY busy close to christmas, so i really want to get everything sent ASAP, i do not want to stand in hour+ lines again this year.

tonight i went to a craft fair at rhizome, an amazing cafe in vancouver that i adore. the craft fair tonight was "Crafts for a Cause: A Craft Fair to Support Social Justice Struggles", so it was a lot of local groups and a few individual artists who donated a portion of their proceeds to the groups. it was very cool, VERY packed, and i spent too much money! it wasn't really crafty so much as arty, and i ended up buying a number of prints to go in my bedroom, bathroom and studio. i just need frames! they're my birthday present to myself, i decided. much more inspiring than the doc marten boots i was considering, but would probably never wear anyway!

it's craft fair season, and there are quite a few i'd like to go to, but i'm really not able to get into the city that much. there's one in the morning that i'd love to go to, but it'll depend how i feel. plus, i still have lots of crafting to get done!

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