Sunday, August 16, 2009

i am home!! home home home!

obviously, i'm home. i've actually been home for a week now, slowly trying to get caught up on things.

it's lovely to be back with my mom, my sofie-bean, my own bed, friends and high speed internet, but it was good to be on the prairies as well. the trip was a bit ridiculous with family, and went by really fast, but i managed to spend a bit of time with a few friends, and find some time to myself as well.

i spent a few gorgeous days up at our cabin, with no extended family present, which is super rare! i picked 3/4s of a gallon of wild saskatoons and froze them, and spent an evening sitting around a campfire talking union gossip, and took lots of pictures, though not nearly as many as i'd wanted, and went o way too many thrift stores. i spent lots of time driving, breathing in the landscape.

i don't have the words to explain how i feel about the prairies. everything i try to say sounds incredibly cheesy, but oh, how i love it. i look at the sky and feel like i'm breathing it in, it sustains me. the sky is so incredible out there. and the colours are so gorgeous, the light on canola fields at dusk...

i took a bunch of TTV (through the viewfinder) photos, which i hadn't played around with much since last year. i finally got around to building a better way of connecting the two cameras and cutting out light (using scotch tape and a toilet paper tube!), and the pictures i took after that turned out much better. there are a lot of them, so i'm posting them pretty small, but if you click on them, you'll be able to see them better on flickr.

ttv elevator
i love grain elevators! i wish i'd taken this one later in the trip, so that it would have turned out better!

ttv steeple
ttv church
this church is a heritage building now, though apparently my great grandparents were married there.

ttv sky
ttv landscape

these ones were taken at the Old Church Pottery and Gift Shop up near our cabin. i stopped in there and couldn't resist buying a few pieces of pottery!
ttv mugs
ttv tower
ttv garden1
ttv garden2
ttv garden 3
ttv garden4
ttv black eyed susans

ttv fountain
the fountain in minnedosa, mb

ttv barn
barn near the road to our cabin.

a small ukrainian catholic graveyard kinda out in the middle of nowhere
ttv grave1
ttv grave2
ttv grave3
ttv grave4
ttv grave5

this graveyard had a lot of stones with crosses attached, which i've never run across before.
ttv cross1
ttv cross2
ttv cross3
ttv cross4
ttv cross5
ttv cross6

hopefully i can catch up on more posts soon!


Jennie said...

Love the photos. Is shooting TTV really unweildy? I've never seen it done so have no idea what mess of equipment you have to carry around.

urban craft said...

love the cemetery shots. Sometimes that's where you can find true history.

amy dame said...

jennie, not at all! you basically just need to carry around two cameras. we're all so spoiled with our tiny digitals now, but really, it's no different than back in the days of clunky cameras! i use a polaroid camera, as i think i mentioned in one of last year's posts, but forgot to mention this time around.

there's a picture of how i do it here -
i've perfected it a bit more since then, with a toilet paper tube taped onto the polaroid underneath the felt, just to make it easier to line it up each time, but it looks pretty much the same.

urban craft, i've always loved cemeteries, and that's a huge part of it. i'm terrible about remembering dates and stuff, but i adore personal history. as cheesy as it sounds, i used to hang out in cemeteries all the time, thinking about the stories of the people had passed on and what they'd lived through. plus, i don't think i'll ever grow out of my slight goth inclinations!

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