Friday, August 21, 2009


i was invited to vend at this event, but my life is way too stressful at the moment to add to it, unfortunately!

it would've been fun though, and it's so inexpensive that i'm sure it'll totally be worth your time (you know, unlike the expensive craft fairs where you barely make back the fee!). my fabulous friend pinky pam sells at her school's student union on a weekly basis and does super duper well. remember, student loans are on their way! ;)

even though i can't go, i said i'd pass the info along, and hopefully someone (or someones) else out there will check it out! as far as i know, they are still accepting vendors.

The Capilano Students' Union annual Harvest Moon Festival
20 vendors, three bands, and a bbq

Sept. 10th, 2009
2055 Purcell Way,
North Vancouver B.C.
In the Maple Field behind the students union bldg.
It will be a sort of inspired by under the volcano type of event, and they hope to make it annual. they're only charging $10 for a 60 cm by 150 cm table, which is so super awesome!

if you're interested, you can contact Sarah Silvester at or at 604-983-7561

and pass the info on, if you know anyone else who might be interested!

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