Wednesday, December 31, 2008

alpha stamps giveaway day 5!

blegh blegh blegh!

i've been super sick the last few days, mostly because of med changes and stuff, so i'm behind on everything again, INCLUDING the daily giveaways at alpha stamps!

check them out, every day the package has been amazing!

i'm super sad that i missed day 3, with the Queen of Hearts theme! i have a bit of a thing for queen of hearts imagery, i've had a super elaborate queen of hearts costume planned for years that i've never had the time or energy to get done in time for halloween (even though half the fabric is already purchased!). those chipboard crowns are definitely making me lust...

today's package is a super cute Hearts and Flowers set, with an awesome heart shaped blank book (i've been way more into books since i made the tiny one for the halloween altoid swap), a tags and buttons chipboard set, matching paint dabbers, a pretty roses collage sheet, and a GORGEOUS rose dresden sheet. go leave a comment for a chance to win!

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