Wednesday, December 31, 2008

catch up post #3! machine embroidered gift card holders

i was machine embroidering like crazy this christmas! since i've had the PE Design Lite digitizing software, i haven't purchased any designs online, or even used any of the design cards that i already have. if i get an idea, i just open up photoshop, create the file, and then digitize it. so far it's been working great, with a few little quirks!

i decided to make embroidered gift tags for my cousins, because my extended family has created a tradition of walmart gift cards for holidays. they live in a pretty small town, so there's not much else to chose from! i didn't actually get them done in time for them to be used this year (because we have to mail their cmas package out ahead of time), but i'm sure we'll be sending them the same thing next year!!


james copy
the original file
the finished result

jessica copy
the original file
the finished result. as you can see, the stars didn't really stay star shaped, unfortunately

jennifer copy
the original file
the finished result. again, the polka dots didn't stay perfectly round when digitized, and i ended up losing one of them, because the stitching started to unravel.

there were definitely quirks, but quite honestly, i probably could have fixed them, but i didn't. i was getting tired of the fiddling by this point! i think they turned out cute, and since they'll never see the original files, they won't know that they didn't turn out exactly as expected!

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