Saturday, May 30, 2009

what a great day!

i've had a great day so far, i hope everyone else has too!

i woke up before my alarm went off, not even super sore like the last few days. i puttered around a bit, catching up on twitter (before it went down, darn thing!), and then i decided to go over to ladner. i ran into multiple garage sales along the way and got some great finds (books, doilies, pyrex!), and then i got to see the llama family on my way. so cute, the llamas always make me giggle.

i went to one of my favourite stores, the upstart crow, and checked out the sale they were having as part of an early celebration for their 5th anniversary (seriously impressive for a small business!). the rubber stamps were on sale, and goodness knows i can never resist stamps! i chatted with megan for a bit, it was really nice to catch up, and then she gave me a little something to include in today's giveaway prize package (i'll update with it later!). i stopped at the 2nd hand book store a few doors down for a few minutes, and then headed home.

driving on the smaller highway that goes through farmland, i saw the llamas again, this time with some of the baby sheep (aww!). further along, the traffic came to a sudden stop, because there was a DUCK FAMILY CROSSING THE HIGHWAY! awww! there were 2 grownups and 3 fuzzie wuzzie babies!

seriously, how could you be in a bad mood after that?

however, i'm pretty wiped from running around in the sun all afternoon, so i think it's time for a little nap. sofie-bean is all curled up in the middle of the bed, and i think it's time to join her!

don't forget to check back later for today's giveaway prize!

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