Friday, May 29, 2009

kitschy coasters!

you know, i've never really understood most coasters. i've always thought that their main purpose was to protect your table from damage caused by liquid, ie condensation on a glass or cup. unless, of course, there's some magical coaster purpose that i'm missing?

but most coasters you see are either entirely absorbent, so that the condensation soaks right in, ending up on your table anyway, or else they're not absorbent at all, and the condensation drips right off, onto your table!

today i decided to make the perfect coasters, coasters that were a mesh of the two types, the answer to my lifelong question!

i made two sets, one is a prize in my BLOG GIVEAWAY, and the other is listed in my etsy shop. they're prototypes, and i think i'll be changing things a bit for the next few batches, but i still love how they turned out!

the top layer is vintage cotton (with a super cute gingham and folkish design!) quilted to batting to absorb the moisture, and the bottom layer is a matching bright red vinyl, to keep the moisture from seeping through to your table.

one set has green quilting,
green 2

and the other has yellow. i think i like the yellow best...

both sets are backed with matching red vinyl.

what do you think?


pinecone304 said...

What a great idea. I agree with your assessment that most coasters don't do the job they were made to do. I love the yellow. It just looks happy.

AlwaysInspired said...

That yellow would match my kitchen so perfectly! I love your use of vinyl!

mub said...

I LOVE these! The fabric is so cheerful. I think these would be fun with ric-rac trim around the edges, but that might get finicky sewing through the vinyl and the ric rac.

Brittany said...

Ah, yeah. Awesome. I love the mix of functionality and absolute adorableness.

amy dame said...

thanks you guys!

i don't know what it is with yellow vintage cotton lately, i found this piece last monday, and then another big piece on saturday! it is super cute though, i love this print.

rickrack WOULD be so cool! hmmm.... i'll have to think about how to do that....

Victoria M. said...

These coasters are great. Combining both the absorbent AND the waterproof qualities is brilliant !! Love the vintage gingham too. Oh, and the yellow quilting is my favorite.

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