Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i've been a posting fool tonight!

i know! i promise, this is the last post of the night. i've been trying to get caught up on stuff (almost caught up on craftster, finally!), and i keep uploading pics on flickr and then not blogging about them.

as for current crafting, there's not a whole lot going on. my health's been worse for christ, almost 3 months now, so things are going a lot slower than i'd like. i haven't been online as much, and i haven't been crafting as much. i've been sleeping A LOT! and there's been lots of family drama, including a massive leak in my storage shed! it was mostly my stuff - when i moved back in with my parents (when i first got really sick a few years ago) we put all my stuff in there, so all my housewares stuff that i didn't need, and tons of sewing and crafting stuff. it was a nightmare, but luckily we realized it very quickly, and managed to get all the wet boxes inside and set up to dry before much was damaged. my dad reshingled it the next weekend, so it won't happen again, and to ensure it, i've bought about 20 rubbermaid tubs! unfortunately, the cleaning up isn't going so fast. when it happened, we piled all of the boxes on a tarp in the dining room, and though we spent quite a lot of time sorting, and took a whole carload of stuff to the thrift store, the dining room is still a complete disaster. it's both good and bad that we can shut the door on it - if we couldn't, i'm sure it'd be cleaned up by now! i've been waiting on my sister to come help me carry stuff, but she's incredibly busy. plus, i hate sorting! i HAVE found some awesome stuff that i'd forgotten i'd had though! now if i could just get to the dining room table in order to actually cut fabric.....

healthwise, i'm getting better, i think, just slowly, and i'm hoping to get to crafting more soon. i've been working on a crosstitch project, and i FINALLY finished it (i forgot how SLOW crosstitch is!). it's been rinsed, but i still need to press it and frame it. i went looking for a frame today, but no luck so far. i finished off the last of it watching across the universe the other night, and i've had various beatles songs in my head ever since!

i'm in various swaps right now - the jar of whimsies round 3 (my partner is the fabulous kittykill), invite your partner round 10 (the amazing gingerquilts invited me!), the Trick or Treat Altoid Tin swap (racky partnered me with the incredible a-roze), and i'm organizing the alphabet atc MNO swap (i didn't participate because the numbers were off, so i'll have to do personal swaps for those letters.) i have INCREDIBLE partners for all 3 of the swaps i'm participating in, and it's way too stressful! i've been feeling really uninspired about them, i'm sure because i was so overwhelmed, and today i kind of got kickstarted for some reason, and it was so nice to feel inspired again! i'm feeling more like my usual self, and i'm full of ideas about what to make and what to send. i'm still rather nervous about the altoid tin one, because i've never altered an altoid tin before, but i'm thinking about it a bunch, and i've already started on stuff for inside it. i want to do a bunch more research first, and then i'll jump in!

and i finally got around to posting signups for the halloween atc swap, which i'm super excited about! damn, i love halloween so much!

so yeah. things have been kinda rough and crappy, but they're getting better!

in non-crafty news, i tried to do a photoshoot with my sofie last week....she hates having her picture taken, but she tolerates it more when she gets to sit in "her window" while i do it. (it actually is her window - when we renovated this room, my dad couldn't care less about ME being without natural light, but he was determined that sofie needed a window! he built her a special super wide ledge to sit on too!) as a bonus, the window gets great light.

ain't she gorgeous! she is SUCH a little bitch princess, totally momma's baby, spoiled rotten! she rules the roost around here, the other cats are all scared of her.
sofie 3
look at her giant feet! sofie's got 26 toes instead of the usual 18. bonus points if you can figure out where she got her name from!


Katie Kutthroat said...

she is adorable!!! my ex had a cat that was missing like two toes.. so he called her knuckles.. hehe

amy dame said...

ha! sofie's got some to spare!

she's so cute, she walks like a cowboy on carpet because otherwise her extra claws stick in!

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