Friday, September 26, 2008

ideas and rambling

i started this post nearly two hours ago, and then i got distracted looking through craft blogs, and then i realized what time it was, so i had a shower, and then i put in laundry, and then i looked at craft blogs a bit more.... i'm still not even caught up on the blogs that i try to read regularily, yet i can't seem to resist following links....

not much crafting the last few days! yesterday was a crazy stressful day with appointments and stuff, and today was spent running errands, i went to pick up my crosstitch piece made by the fabulous rachel at confessions of a crafter from the post office, and i went to the giant party supply store to pick up a few little things, and i went to the thrift store (i resisted! i barely bought anything! but i was driving by! i had to stop!), and i went to micheals to buy one thing, and after checking out the clearance, left with more than that - but still only $5 total, so not too bad. i managed to find 3 wooden bangles that fit my hands for only $0.66 each - much better than the $6 they were charging before!

the crafting i did do was a bit of spray painting. the sun came out (finally) just as i was about to leave the house, so i backtracked and set up a few things on a newspaper, sprayed them, then left them to dry while i was gone. i bought a bunch of bottlecaps from the cheesy scrapbooking store a while ago that were black on the backside, but they were all scratched, so i spraypainted them to cover that up, and i found a picture frame for $0.35 the other day that i think will fit the crosstitch piece i just finished, but it needed to be touched up too. so very simple spraypainting!

the only other activity of the day was cleaning... ugh!

i picked up a copy of woman's day special interest publications: halloween celebrations today (oddly, i can't find a link it anywhere!). halloween magazines pretty much suck this year, but this one's not bad at all. there were a couple of really neat ideas in it, one of which inspired me to go to micheals today.

i'm absolutely determined to make this! i'd leave it up all year long. i LOVE cuckoo clocks. we had one when i was a kid, and now i have a little one my sister brought me back from switzerland when she was a teenager as well as a few little fake ones. i bought this necklace last month, and i really want to play around with making vinyl cuckoos... but this one would be PERFECT for my bedroom!
halloween mag3

and these spiderwebs are very cool...
halloween mag2

and these are actually a funny coincidence! earlier today i came across surprise balls on and was thinking about what an awesome swap idea they'd be. there's a swap that's really popular on craftster called the Magic Yarn Ball Swap where goodies are wrapped in a ball of yarn, and the ball is sent with a pattern and the recipient knits or crochets the pattern and the goodies fall out as they progress (though i think most people are impatient and unwind it themselves!). it's a fun swap idea, but i haven't been doing much crochet in a while, and i think the surprise balls would be fun for the non-fiber craftsters (and the lazy ones like me!). it would be like a cross between the magic yarn ball and the jar of whimsies. i was so enthused about the idea that i actually bought a few colours of crepe paper at the party supply store.

and then tonight i was going through the magazine more carefully to scan the previous two pictures, and found this!
halloween mag1
they call them charm balls, but they're pretty much the same thing! is that a sign, do you think? once the halloween swaps die down i think i'll suggest it.

in other crafty news, i'm going to a short class tomorrow morning at my brother dealer that's an intro to PE Design Lite. i'm going to take my sublime stitching samples, and see if they can help me figure out how to get rid of the white bits between the colour and the outline. i'm excited to learn more about it and to play around with it more.

the only other crafting i HAVE to do this weekend is hemming my dad's jeans... i HATE hemming, but he's been bugging me for a while, and he is going to look at my car and see if he can make stop making that noise. so i guess i'd better hem them!

and i plan on starting on some swap stuff this weekend. i still have a bit of time, but i need to get my butt in gear! on sunday i'm hoping to go to the i heart crafts bazaar, but it will depend on how i feel. i really really want to though!

i'm also on a search for bottle brush trees, after seeing this tutorial on the misadventures of mama and jack. so cool! i really really want to try it! anything with bleach and/or fabric dye makes me ridiculously happy. they're really cheap from sunshine crafts (also a great place to get clear safety eyes, that's how i found them in the first place), but i'd like them sooner, and besides, i'm not going to pay $8 shipping for $1.69 or $2.99 worth of merchandise! so i need to find them somewhere local. i forgot to check micheals today, but they're probably ridiculously expensive there. maybe a hobby shop? like the kind of place that sells stuff to make train sets and stuff? we'll see.

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