Saturday, September 15, 2007

it works! fabulously!

last night lindsey and i had a mellow hanging out night, watching a movie, and i embroidered away while she knit, so i've used the tear away stabilizer to embroider two skirts now, and it works pretty well. on one of the skirts, my stitches weren't quite as close together, so it was harder to rip out, but it was awesome for the first skirt. i'll post pics, but not this minute, cause one still needs to be hemmed and the other is in the washing machine as i write this.

i cut out fabric for a couple more skirts, and went to my friendly family owned fabric store and picked up some more elastic. i think i need to get some more skirt hangers too!

i got some napkin fabric at the fabulous store too, because i couldn't find the perfect white cotton to embroider on, and this has nice weight. i'll be cutting out the embroidery and appliqueing it onto a skirt (surprise! another skirt!), so it won't matter that the cotton has a border around it.

i also went to wineberries, a quilt store here in surrey. i went there on thursday in search of the tear away stabilizer and ended up buying a $13 pencil to transfer embroidery patterns. i was chatting with the woman, and wasn't paying enough attention, and after i left i realized "wait! i needed something that would IRON ON, not draw on!". plus, $13 for a pencil? i'm cheap! i'm all about the cool little accessories (i ADORE my clover seam ripper), but sometimes they're just silly. so i went there today and returned it and looked at some yarn (i'm sad that they only had bamboo yarn in boring colours! it was all so beige!) and asked a few questions and they were kind of snippy, which reminded me why i so rarely go there. i guess the nice woman on thursday was just a fluke!

i know i look young, but i've been sewing for over 15 years, and i know what i'm doing! i hate going to stores where they treat me differently than their older customers. that's why i refuse to go to masons anymore, even though they're he only elna dealer in the lower mainland. i used to live right by them, and their attitude was so terrible, i hated going in there. i've had other crafty friends my age who experienced the same thing there. wineberries is almost always the same. boo on uptight older quilters.

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