Saturday, September 15, 2007

embroidery #1!

this is the first skirt i embroidered, with the more complicated design.

you can't see it super well, but that's okay with me. i know what it says! (lucky in love - i was hoping if i embroidered it it might come true!)

originally it was even harder to read - i ripped out the dice and redid them in green and went over the words with chain stitch in the same blue. i'm kinda sad that there's no purple on it anymore, but it just didn't read.

the design is from sublime stitiching, it's the viva las vegas pattern sheet. i changed the lettering to read lucky in love instead of lucky lady, since i don't particularily want to be referred to as a lady! unfortunately, i decided to change it AFTER i'd transferred the pattern, but a shot of stain remover spray got the extra pattern lines off the skirt.

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