Thursday, March 8, 2012

stuff i've been working on....

oh hai.

it's WIP Wednesday. i haven't done one in foreeevvveer!

i haven't been posting much, as you can tell, and i haven't decided if i should post about not posting or not... hm, i'll keep thinking about that. i definitely have a backlog of finished quilts to post! in the meantime, here are pics of projects i've been working on the last few days.

if you know me at all, you must have known that i'd be obsessed with this fabric. i was just waiting for Spool of Thread get it in, and now i want to put typewriters on EVERYTHING I OWN. seriously.

wip typewriter

what do you think it is? it's a secret till it's done!

i tried making pincushions today. i was so proud of myself that i actually knew where a glue gun was, but of course, it didn't really work anyway. glue guns never work, honestly. do you use glue guns? eugh. i prefer glue like goop, or silicone sealant, but my goop was all dried up and i have no idea where my silicone is.

orange pincushion

when i come across neat mugs, i pick them up to make pincushions out of, and then i never get around to it. they'll be fun door prizes for guild., once i pick up some more glue!

pincushion rocks

i put some fancy rocks into the bottom of the mug to weigh it down. partly cause that orange one above is rather top heavy, and partly because i find that pincushions have a tendency to slide off the table right when you need them to stay. you could use anything, really, but i found those at the dollar store by my house.

pincushion magic


i put something else at the bottom of the mug, below the rocks. magnets! it's handy when you drop pins, or if you have a hard time picking up tiny things.


i love this mug. isn't it cute? i bought it ages ago and it's been sitting on my counter ever since. my sister tried to tell me that it's an easter mug cause the little girl is collecting eggs, but upon further inspection, i think she's full of crap.

mug image

what do you think is in the little girl's basket? i think she's collecting mushrooms, not eggs. the yellow one has a stem! those are mushrooms, right?


Digital Misfit said...

Those are most definitely mushrooms! The red one even has the gills!

I do not know what that corduroy/typewriter/pleated ruffle bit of awesomesauce is, but I want it!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

I love the typewriter prints so much - can;t wait to see what it is.
Clever magnet trick!
They're certainly magic mushrooms! xxx

Cherie said...

What a great idea never thought to turn mugs into pincushions!! Thanks for that one!! =D

felicity said...

Definitely mushrooms. I hope I win your pincushion door prize!

AlwaysInspired said...

Mushrooms for sure and so super cute to boot!
Can't wait to see that typewriter awesomeness!

Loralei said...

yay, I made it in!! Definitely mushrooms, I'd say... Drop me a line any Sunday/Wednesday you'd like to pop over to do some encaustic work!!

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