Friday, December 23, 2011

Birthday Giveaway!!!

hey! guess what yesterday was? my birthday!

do you give yourself presents for your own birthday? i usually treat myself to something, though more often than not, i end up getting cash from family anyway, so i can justify the treat.

this year i bought myself a cute vintage kitchen table. formica, of course, with a nice wide chrome band. it's still in my car, due to the plumbing issues/kitchen renovation that has yet to start, but i'm very excited! i started eyeing it as soon as i saw it, but it was more than i could justifiably spend on a table, especially when i already have a table, ugly though it may be. my patience was rewarded by a 50% off sale, and i snapped it up! it came back from manitoba with me, disasembled in the back of my car, and sofie seemed to enjoy perching on it during the trip home.

i also gave myself the gift of time - though it hasn't happened yet. my current bag is the one i made in the summer or 09, when handmade nation premiered in vancouver. i've replaced the straps twice now, and it's hanging together by threads.

i've been hoarding my ruby star rising stash to make a bag out of, and i finally decided to try using a pattern, rather than make it up myself. i purchased the noodlehead 241 pattern, which i'm sure you seen around the interwebs, it's ridiculously popular, and i enlarged it, because the original is much too small for all of my crap. of course, i haven't gotten to it yet - so that's my present to myself. i'm setting aside all of the things that i'm super behind on, and i'm going to sew just for myself for a few hours - after xmas, of course!

that's all very interesting, but i'm sure you're wondering "what about my present?" you're not? that's very nice of you! however, i did promise you a giveaway, didn't i?

i meant to get this posted yesterday, on my actual birthday, but i decided to sew up something else to include, and time got away from me. i sewed and relaxed for most of the day, then continued a tradition started last year and went into the city. i stopped by spool of thread and hung out with henry for little bit (still no kona medium grey though, it's backordered. so sad!), and then went to one of my favourite places, rhizome cafe, for dinner with some of my favourite people. my family came, along with treasured friends who i count as family, and it was a really wonderful evening.

and then i went home and sewed up some of the new fabric that i got at spool of thread, just for you!

so here's the giveaway!


you're eyeing the books, aren't you? i don't blame you at all, i was so excited when i found them!

there are three japanese quilting books. they vary in complexity, and are numbered 1-3. the first has simpler projects and the basics of patchwork, the second includes a bit about handquilting, and the third includes more detailed projects, such as hexies and blocks with y-seams. they all have super cute projects in them, and pattern templates printed in the back.

tape measure
now, the books aren't in english, obviously. they have tons of illustrations, and the measurements for everything are included, so i'm sure you'll be able to figure them out. however, the measurements are in metric, and i know a lot the folks who follow this blog are american, so i'm including a little teddy bear measuring tape that's in centimetres. cute, huh?

i wanted to make something for the giveaway as well, so i went with something useful.

are you surprised? i'm kind of on a coaster kick! i'm still working for a tutorial for the xmas ones, by the way. if it's not up tomorrow, it'll be up right after christmas.

these coasters are a bit different, because i didn't do the appliqued hexies on the front, but i stuck with the hexie shape. i used some of my precious ruby star spring (are you seeing a pattern? i love melody miller's designs!), buzz, in the tomato vine colourway.

coaster backs
the back is part of the same fabric, and i purposely didn't make them all identical, i cut them from various parts of the print, just for variety.

and what did i pick up at spool of thread?

fun, isn't it? i was tempted by this print when it came in, but i wasn't sure what i'd use it for. the scale was perfect for this project, so i finally had an excuse to buy some. it's called love flowers, from the house & home collection by benartex.

i made a little flex frame change purse out of it, topped with black kona, and a matching blue kona for the lining.

change purse open
i was so excited when i found the flex frame/internal spring frames, i had to use one for the giveway!

and what's a giveaway without sweets? i'm including some canadian chocolate too. i know that some of these can be bought in the states, but trust me, they don't taste the same. i always feel bad for you americans and your chocolate! if the winner is canadian or british, this isn't super exciting, i know, but i'm sure you'll still enjoy it.

so!! giveaway guidelines!!

- leave a comment on this post to enter. tell me something! what birthday traditions do you have? do you get stressed about your age, nervous when you hit the big ones? have you sewn anything for yourself lately? have you ever used a flex frame, or any other kind of frame for purses? have you seen any cool tutorials lately? share a link? are you a fan of melody miller's designs? are you as excited about ruby star shining as i am? typewriters!!!!

- leave another comment if you're a follower, old or new!

- and leave another comment if you link to the giveaway on your blog, on twitter, facebook, etc.

- giveaway ends December 30th 31st at midnight, PST. that gives you all a bit of time after the holidays to get caught up on your blog reading. (i'm extending it cause i forgot how many days there were in December!)

have fun!

oh! wanna see my table? here's a peek, from when it was in my grandma's garage -
new table
i love it!


Lucy said...

Slick, sweet giveaway! I was just coming by to check out your Formica table :D My mom has a few of them, including her mother's from ages back. I have always been excited about my birthdays, but the last one gave me some pause... 30 will do that! That was back in April, however, and I'm feeling much better about it now! Adore Melody Miller as well. Thanks!!

Lucy said...

I also follow your flickr photostream, if that counts :)

Amber H. said...

Hrm, birthday traditions? We celebrate my birthday in conjunction with our "together-versary" since my husband and I have been a couple since two days after my 18th birthday. Sweet isn't it?

Cynthia F said...

OMG love your new table- lucky you!!
When I turned 40 a year and a half ago, I wanted to go to Paris to make that lifelong dream come true- so we did it! And every birthday I have now I kind of treat it like a New year's resolution time -I'm a year older and looking forward to doing something awesome in the year! I try to make some big huge goals to work towards and some I can get done right away.

Happy (belated) birthday & hope you had a fab one!! I wish I could have come in to celebrate with you- maybe I'll add "driving to Vancouver by myself" to my list of goals for the upcoming year!

Cynthia F said...

Well since I'm a follower, here's comment #2 lol!
I haven't ever used a frame for a purse though I want to try that sometime. Love the little coin purse- it's so cute! You make it look so easy! :D

Poppyprint said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! What a giveaway. Methinks someone's been to Daiso. My family is at Aberdeen today watching daughter's circus show in the fountain court. I'm home prepping yummy things for tomorrow. I have used flex frames (sort of fussy!) from Daiso. By the way your fabulous new table top is very Ruby Star, actually! LOVE it. Very excellent purchase. Hope you are enjoying being back in town and that you have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow, Amy!!!

Poppyprint said...

Second "I'm a follower" comment. Forgot to add that I am actually going to sew for myself right NOW. Woot!

Poppyprint said...

Retweeted. Twitter is awfully quiet. Everyone's waiting for Santa. I'll mention it again next week.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Happy Belated Birthday and early Happy Christmas!

My birthday is in literally 6 months time - so I love I only have 6 months to wait for each 'big pressie day'!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

I am a new followed, tempted here by Krista and your giveaway - but I think I'll be sticking around!

Merry Christmas and thanks for the great giveaway xxx

Digital Misfit said...

OMG that is such an awesome table! I adore the old formica & chrome tables too. I wish I could go back in time and rescue the one we had at our old summer cottage (along with all of the other awesome midcentury modern treasures).
As you know, my birthday is just 2 weeks before yours. I really don't celebrate it much, though I did get myself a nose piercing and tattoo as my gift to me!
I wish I could have been there to celebrate yours with you.
Big hugs,
(btw - I am totally coveting those coasters!)

felicity said...

I want a photo of that table! Happy Birthday, Amy! I do have a birthday tradition - celebrating the shit out of it! I am not at all shy about sharing my birthday - I want to be celebrated, dammit. As for "big ones" - the only one I freaked about was 30 but my wise friend (10 years older than I) assured me I would be very happy to leave behind my 20s and all of their insecurities and she was SO right. And I've discovered my 40s are even better!

felicity said...

Thanks for the giveaway - I'm a follower!

Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts said...

Happy Birthday my dear! Awesome for sure! I adore your table. Oh i wish I could convince my family to have something like this I'm not sure I could.

You are doing birthdays I wish I could. I seem to dread birthdays. . even though I get cool stuff.

Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts said...

I'm a follower. . a pretty mute one but I do follow ya!

Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts said...

I tweeted about your giveaway. @h2ogirl76

Nexxxus Ramblings said...

I have been following your blog for a few months. I love your creativity and the fact that you craft and you suffer from medical issues also. I live in the Seattle area so we kinda live in the same area. I have never used a flex frame but I have made the little hand bags using tape measures. The hard metal ones work perfect. My husband works in construction so he is always breaking them or finding broken ones on the job sites. They are fun bags to make. I should maybe look for these flex frames. Thank you so much for sharing all your talents and struggles. Merry Christmas and Happy Belated Birthday.

Melinda Fernandez
Tacoma, WA

trudys_person said...

Happy Birthday Amy!

Yesterday (24th) was my Mom's birthday ... we had a nice family brunch at my place. We always have a separate celebration for her birthday, because it's not fair to combine it with Christmas, even if she is 76! She is thinking of starting to celebrate on June 24 instead ... a friend of ours did this, because he wants to celebrate in better weather. He ignores his December birthday, and has a BBQ for his 1/2 birthdays ...

Those are great little frames - hard to find - and that website has lots of cool bag frames. Thanks for the link!

And darn that Kona medium grey! I've been waiting for a phone call from Henry ...

Happy Christmas!


trudys_person said...

I follow your blog on Google Reader and your Flickr stream too! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!


buebau said...

Happy Birthday!
I love having birthday and don't care about one more year :)
This is such a cool giveaway!! Thanks for the opportunity.

Happy Hollidays

buebau said...

And I'm a follower ;)

slacker said...

Happy birthday! I have never worked on my birthday. Ever. My husband's birthday is the day before mine, so now we both take both days off to do whatever we want, like a single night camping trip or an outdoor grill party with croquet. I don't get anxious over my birthday - I love them!


slacker said...

And I'm a follower. Thanks again!

Ephemeral Mailbox Museum said...

happy happy birthday! what a beautiful giveaway :)
I love birthdays, and you might already know this but something I've tried to do the past 10 years or so is to create some kind of creative, participatory birthday activity. My 33rd birthday, I had people from all over make mail art postcards on the theme of 3's (or incorporating somehow). One year I did a Niku scavenger hunt, putting people together in groups from all over; family, friends from college, year abroad, places I've lived. They'd communicate long distance to put together all their items.
One of my best friend's birthdays is on Christmas day, and I try to do something special that's just for her. We call it Birthmas ;)

Becks said...

Happy Birthday to You! Thanks for sharing with us! :o) No birthday traditions here, and haven't been sewing much for myself lately and that needs to change. Today sounds like a good day, unfortunately the house is the typical post-Christmas disaster. LOL

Becks said...

I am a follower... yay! :o)

AlwaysInspired said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I've been working on a special quilt for myself for a while now, but it has to be put on the back burner for some baby crafting and a piece I plan to donate to charity. Love that table!

AlwaysInspired said...

I'm a follower too!

Second Chance Tan said...

I follow you x (Now singing rendition of 'Follow the Yellow brick road' - not sure why!)

Second Chance Tan said...

On my birthday I eat chocolate in bed when I wake up! Usually my friends pop round, and we eat cake, and if I'm really lucky we go for a meal out (can you tell the theme here?).

I will be 40 in a few years time, and although that seems scarey, I am going to treat my self to a new sewing machine for my 40th, so that will seriously lessen the pain!

danielle said...

I honestly can't think of anything special I do on my birthday. When you have little kids, you can't exactly stay in bed all day like I used to...

Happy birthday, and I am super excited to see the coaster tutorial. My husband loves hexagons/hex grids.

Berene said...

Happy Birthday Amy! Glad you mentioned it because as I was milling around Newtown (aka funky area of Sydney not unlike Commercial in Vancouver) I stumbled upon a wee something that reminded me of you. And since you told me that if I go to Sydney I had to bring you something back, I had to get them. Just a little somethin' somethin'. And not to sound like a bribe or anything - of course! But this is a fab giveaway, so I'm just saying. And my birthday tradition is to have my chitlings climb into bed with me while I open my prezzies. It's a perfect way to start the day. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

Carol Browne said...

This giveaway needs more Smarties! Yah! My birthday tradition includes reminding anyone who will listen about two weeks in advance. I always have cake. I'll either make one or we'll go out for one. I *heart* birthdays.

I hope you had a great one. And that table is divine!

Angie said...

Happy Birthday! For my birthday I like to unite the ladies of the family, grandma, mom, aunts, and sisters and go to wine bar for tasting and tapas.

Angie said...

I am a blog follower too!

Digital Misfit said...

Yay! I am back to say that I am a follower.
Also, I love that you forgot New Year's Eve's date.
I think that a tattoo may become my new birthday tradition.

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