Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sew Mama Sew Winner!!

i'm traveling this weekend, but i wanted to tell you all who won!

thanks to the wonder of

sew mama sew winner dec2011

the winner is Kat!!

Kat's a member oif the FVMQG, and she makes lovely modern quilts. i think i posted one of hers a few months ago after my FVMQG meeting, it was grey with bright colours. fabulous!

you might notice that Kat is no-reply blogger... don't worry, i gave her the lecture! in fact, i gave her the lecture earlier on Friday, before i'd even found out who'd won! she was lucky, since we're in the same guild, i was able to contact her through the guild facebook. but it's a good lesson to anyone else who might be a no-reply blogger - you can't win unless we can contact you!!

go HERE to read more about no-reply bloggers, and to see if you are one!

thanks for playing everyone!

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