Wednesday, August 24, 2011

my new favouritest hoodie ever!

i know favouritest isn't a word, but i've decided that it is. tough luck mom! (she hates it when i invent words)

i am so enamoured with this hoodie, i could hardly wait until today to post it!

a few weeks ago i was thinking about how much i love the prints on quilting cottons, but i hate wearing them, because they're really rather thin for skirts, and skirts are pretty much the only thing i'll wear out of woven fabric. so i started thinking of ways that i could incorporate quilting cottons into my primarily stretch wardrobe, and of course, the usual, applique, came to mind. and applique looks fabulous with florals or small prints, but what about fabrics with distinctive images, where the shape of an aplique will distract from the fabriuc itself?

around the same time, i came across hoodies at the grocery store (great canadian superstore, it's more than a grocery store, obviously!) in super yummy colours, and since they actually had my size, which they never do, i snapped up one in raspberry. i eyed the avocado green one, because i keep thinking that i should add more green to my wardrobe, but decided that i didn't really need it.

a few days after that the quilting cotton idea combined with the hoodie in my mind, so i took the raspberry hoodie to Spool of Thread to audition fabrics. i found lots of lovely fabrics that matched, but i COULDN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT THE GREEN ONE. i came across this awesome black and white print, and could picture it so perfectly on the avocado hoodie.

so i bought it, and left the raspberry fabrics behind for now, full of trust that i'd still be able to get the avocado hoodie.

and three different store locations later, i did!

and this is what became of them!

hoodie side view

i am so in love with this hood. i love how it feels, with the thin cotton over the squishy jersey. it's yummy!


i decided that the middle of the hoodie looked bare, and that it needed something between the hood and the pockets, so i added an applique. i couldn't think of a shape that would work with the bicycles and still show the print (because a bike applique would be cool, but it would have very skinny lines, so you wouldn't see the print very well), so i decided to monogram it. what the hell.

applique a

did i mention the other awesome part about my hoodie? this week's Iron Craft challenge was "On the Go", with the instructions to make something that honours transportation. isn't the fabric perfect?


AND, i made the hoodie on monday, which means that i had my iron craft project done EARLY. the world is officially coming to an end!


MareMare said...

That turned out great Amy! I love that shade of green.

Tricia McDonald Ward said...

Looks fabulous! Plus, favouritest is a great word.

kat said...

Yeah, for getting things done early & having them be cute things!

amy dame said...

thanks everyone! oddly, i really love this shade of green now, but a year or two ago i would have hated it! it's totally been the influence of quilting fabrics, i've changed my mind about so many fabrics!

waggonswest said...

This is a great hoody. I love the green, glad you held out for it.

julia aka garconniere said...

so cute! i don't own any hoodies but now i want this one! the bike fabric is so great. you look badass.

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