Wednesday, August 24, 2011

more bow ties, with so many more to come!

you might have been thinking, hey amy, whatever happened to those bowtie blocks that you were making?

or, more likely, you completely forgot about them, and thought that i did too. but i didn't!

i've been working on them off and on and they've been a great stress-free project to work on in-between other projects. i've been doing them assembly line style, and they come together so quickly. i precut the fabric, sew one seam at a time, press a bunch once i get around to it, and generally just putter along at them.

cut squares

i was originally working from my stash, but then i decided that it would look really awesome if i kept to tone-on-tone prints, so i ran out of options in my stash (i didn't expect that either!). finding tone on tone prints that aren't incredibly fussy or boring ended up being a lot harder than i'd expected, the vast majority of prints seem to be printed in black or white with a coloured background.

i figured out how i wanted to lay out the final quilt, and realized that i needed a certain number of each colour for it to work. i've got most of them, but i'm a few short, orange in particular - anyone wanna swap 3.5"x10" strips of fabric?

i've got all of my coloured fabric cut out, but once again, i can't find the kona black that i bought for this purpose.... i can't tell you how many times i've bought kona black, but i can never find it when i need it! i have a sneaking suspicion that it's in the same bag as all the other bits of kona that i bought for portrait quilts, which i've been looking for for the past week...

i've finished 96 blocks now, so i'm already finished the challenge, but i need more for the quilt i have in mind, plus, i sewed together quite a few duplicates before i decided that i didn't want any duplicates in my quilt, so i guess i'll be making a baby quilt as well. it's a good thing that they're fun to do!

96 blocks

for today though, i've set them aside to work on bee blocks. i have to get moving on my Unscripted blocks (what? no, i haven't been intimidated at all......), and i came across the informal charity bee that Sarah from So Sarah Sews is running, and i've volunteered to make a few pink and purple blocks for that. she's still looking for more folks to help out, so go check it out! people are posting photos of the blocks that they've made in the flickr group Quilting for Kids and they're going to look fabulous.

i'm linking up to WIP Wednesdays... though this is is just the tip of the WIP iceberg!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

also on the WIPs list - sherbet pips strip quilt (all cut out and ready to go!), RSR pouches, the binding on my green kona quilt, plot out my pattern for the Billboard quiltalong, pulling out the fabrics for the Across the Sea quiltalong, that blue and black half quilted monstrosity that's holding half my favourite basting pins hostage, finally start my ghastlies quilt that i'll never get around to starting.... i'm sure there are more that i'm forgetting!


Brigitte said...

Amy you won! Congratulations and thank you for the nice words you found to cherish my work, I feel really honored!s

Melinda said...

love where this one is going. I really love how the black makes the colors pop. The idea of the tone on tone is great; I love how tone on tone fabrics give you the feel of a solid but add texture like a print without making it too busy!

Leanne said...

Wow, you have a lot of bow ties! Your quilt is going to be wonderful!

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