Monday, August 22, 2011

funky modern apron, just for the hell of it!

do you do linkups? like {Sew} Modern Mondays, or Fabric Tuesdays? are there others that you do? share!

i came across those two today, and was trying to think of what i could write about, when i realized exactly how many projects i've yet to post!

this was a quick, fun project, using super modern fabric, that i made back in june.

mod onions apron
i fell in love with the fabric, even though it's so totally not my colours. i wanted to make something out of it, but i knew i would never use whatever i made! a door prize for the VMQG's 1 year anniversary party was the perfect excuse.

mod onions apron side
i picked up half a metre of the onion print, which is a Hoodie design for Blank Quilting, and half a metre of Kona cotton in curry.

the curry Kona is kind of amusing, because i HATE this colour! when i bought it at Spool of Thread, Lili wasn't working, so i told Henry that he had to tell her that i bought it, she wouldn't believe him. Lili LOVES this colour, so we've discussed our love/hate on multiple occasions.

(i once ran across a set of vintage melmac set in curry for really really cheap - and i passed it by, because of the colour. if you knew how much i LOVE melamine dishware, you'd understand how drastic that is!!)

but the curry was the perfect colour to match the onions, so i couldn't resist.

mod onions apron waistband
i used almost exactly all of the fabric i bought - i think i was left with a teensy piece of onions only a few inches long, and no kona at all.

mod onions apron pleats
i joined 3 strips x WOF and used my ruffler foot to pleat them, and it was the perfect length for the hem and the sides.

i was so busy taking notes that i didn't even see who won the apron, but i hope they like it as much as i liked making it!

(linking up with {Sew} Modern Mondays and Fabric Tuesdays)
{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations Fresh Poppy Design


Digital Misfit said...

That onion fabric is AWESOME! I am quite fond of the curry/mustard colour myself, and it is perfect for that print. Love your aprons, as always!

Anonymous said...

Love it! What great and unique fabric!

Christie describeHappy said...

The fabric makes me laugh... onions are perfect for the apron!! And I enjoyed your write up of how you made it! Well done!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Love the fabric! Beautiful apron!

Canadian Abroad said...

That fabric is perfect for an apron. Love it!

amy dame said...

thanks everyone! if you're a fan of the fabric, you should check out the other prints in the fabric line. i've only seen the peapods in person, but the eggplants look gorgeous!

heidi, i definitely need to make more aprons soon, they're so much fun!

Megan said...

So fun! I love the onion fabric! :) Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a great weekend!

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