Thursday, May 26, 2011

back to regularly scheduled life!


Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day is done.

what did you think? did you go hopping around to some of the blogs? did you manage to get to all of them? they've posted a blog post asking for feedback, so be sure to pop over and do so - and tell them how AWESOME they are for organizing this twice a year!

i've participated in giveaways before, and i love doing them (when i remember), but i find them extremely stressful to navigate through. there's just so many! and so little time! and so many hoops to jump through! and some of them ended at really weird times. 9am? wha?

i tried to only enter giveaways that i was sincerely interested in, and i tried to always give real comments, and i simply wasn't able to get through them all. and i had more time available than someone who works fulltime, or someone with kids! i want to start responding to some of the awesome comments left here, and go back to some of the blogs that looked really interesting, because there totally wasn't time to look around. i'm curious as to what others thought, both people who were doing giveaways, and people entering the giveaways.

but enough of my blathering, you're wondering who won!

Congratulations Erica!


Erica said - "So pretty and sunny! It would look excellent on my couch! :) I don't think I have anything interesting to say, so I'll share that the other day I decided to try sorting my fabrics by color. (Which was quite the undertaking because most of it's in bins due to craft room construction.) I've found that I need lots more red, orange and yellow fabric...And being that I'm working on a project of rainbow proportions, I'd better get on that! :) "

apparently her couch is already excited! ;)

i'm going to mail that off next week - a few days past the deadline i think, but i am NOT going near the border lineups that memorial day weekend will cause! and it's silly to ship it from here, pay 3 times the price, and wait weeks for it to arrive, when i can just ship it from the US and it'll arrive the same week. have i mentioned how much i love USPS? i totally <3 USPS.

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The AfterCraft said...

I'm pooped.. I only got around to seeing like a third of them!!! It was fabulous though to see all these amazing blogs and DAMN it was fun.

Very blogged out for a day though. :)

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