Monday, March 14, 2011

Friend Love is True Love

with everything that's happened over the past 3 days, i think we can all use some heartwarming happy thoughts. i've been meaning to post this for a while, but now i'm glad i waited - it's the perfect time.

i've talked about my friend j before. to say that she's amazing is a complete understatement. she's one of the most incredible people i know. she's thoughtful, kind, inspiring, nonjudgmental, knowledgeable, supportive, strong and gentle. and, on top of that, she's an incredible fibre artist. (i posted her wedding invitations, but i think that's all... i really need to post the amazing mini quilt she made me a few years ago)

one of the many wonderful things about j is that she occasionally sends me the most incredible packages. you all know how much i adore mail love, but j's packages go so far beyond just mail love! she's someone who takes such delight in the small details of everything, so every single aspect of her packages is meaningful and heartfelt, and that makes them absolute treasures.

just before valentine's day, i received a package from her, and she completely outdid herself.

i opened the envelope in the car, but made myself wait until i was home to actually open the package, knowing that j's packages often include small details that might be lost otherwise.


but the package was exciting! lookit the pretty ribbon!

and then i came home and opened it and it was even more exciting!

a bundle of valentine themed embroidery floss and the most wonderful needlebook

with a beautiful hand embroidered and beaded typewriter - the keys are beads!

when you open it up, the first page has a lovely heart milagro, a beaded border, and hand sewing needles.

the centre pages have pins and pockets

there's a little cupcake in the centre of a beaded heart outline, and matching red and yellow pins.

the pocket page held a little tissue package wrapped up with pink waxed linen thread and another little piece of cupcake ribbon (which always reminds me of j, i know how she loves waxed linen thread!)

the tissue package held more heart milagros, a small brass heart, and a lady of guadalupe charm

inside the back cover, there's another little heart pocket

with a little book folded up inside

the book used two kinds of paper, one that's very lacy

and one that can be written on, with a valentine's day message

on the back of the little book, she wrote all of the materials she used

and on the back of the needlebook itself, she embroidered my name

isn't that most amazing package ever?


felicity said...

Wow. That needle book is a work of art! How lucky you are to have such a wonderful friend. And I have to say she's lucky, too - your admiration and warm feelings for her are woven throughout this whole post.

TM said...

What a lovely gift -- such talent! Hooray for wonderful friends!

Nancy L said...

You are very lucky to have such an amazing friend that would take the time to make you not only a gift but one with such great details. Stunning!

amy dame said...

thank you everyone, and thank you to felicity for the warm words about me! i think she knows how much i adore her. ;)

tricia, one of these days the three of us WILL get together!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your sweet blog today. I absolutely love that valentine gift, I wish I were more like your friend but alas, I am not. I always admire people who are so thoughtful and detailed like that!

Lucky you!!!

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