Saturday, June 26, 2010

crochet, yarn + vintage fabric = perfect flowers

another little project i did in the past few months were these festive little flower brooches for a friend's birthday.

i'd been looking for an excuse to make more covered buttons (i <3 covered buttons so much), and while i was trying to decide how to finish these, buttons seemed like the perfect idea.

the flowers are crocheted, and were actually crocheted ages ago. i have a bag full of flowers that i never did anything with - they were just something to keep my hands busy in front of the tv before i started doing so much needlework.

button brooches

i went through my stash of vintage fabric pieces, mostly stuff i've gathered lately, and pulled out pieces that matched the colours of the flowers i had. i chose the brown shades because they suit the recipient so well, but there are other brighter flowers too - as you can tell by the different fabrics i used!



i stitched the buttons onto the centre of the flowers, and then stitch a pinbacking onto the back. i could've glued them, i know, but that kinda feels like cheating!
button brooches back

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