Sunday, June 27, 2010

machine embroidered silk tarot pouch

i made this a few months ago, when i got these tarot cards. they're so freaking amazing, and gorgeous, and perfect, they NEEDED to have a proper home!

i used very lightweight sandwashed silk, leftover from my mixed media heart brooches.

i knew that the silk would be much too flimsy for the bag, but i really wanted a natural fibre for the pouch, and i loved the bright pink, so i interlined it with cotton quilt batting.

tarot bag1

the quilt batting gave it structure as well as strength, and made it strong enough to machine embroider the anatomical heart design from urban threads onto it. i switched up the colours a bit to stay in the same colour family as the fabric, and i love how it turned out.

a little bit of the batting showed around the embroidery stitches, but i'm choosing to ignore that!

i lined the bag with more of the same silk, and sewed a channel about an inch below the top to thread ribbon through.
tarot bag side

tarot bag2

tarot bag contents

it ended up being the perfect size to hold the card deck, including the gorgeous little book that came with it, and a little stuffed heart that a dear friend made me.
tarot cards


Miranda said...

That looks fabulous! I still want to order a deck.

amy dame said...

you HAVE TO!! seriously darling, they're amazing. i still want to order another deck just to have one to display and show people, and one to actually use.

baby crib said...

Wow I never thought of that. That little pouch looks perfect for that stuff. It really fits it all.

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