Thursday, June 4, 2009

Giveaway Winners!!!


the winners of the big giveaway have now been determined, and they are as follows -

Cheerful Bird Song Vinyl Wristlet - Super Fun Mama
Pillowcase Apron - Annie
Kitschy Coasters - affectioknit
Vintage pillowcase Set - Courtney
Vintage Fabric and Notions Set - beth
Paper/Ephemera Bundle 1 (with the walnut ink crystals) - kimberly
Paper/Ephemera Bundle 2(with the gold glitter) - Ginny

i explained the drawing process the other day, but i thought you might like to see photographic evidence as well!

Blog Giveaway Process!
1. drawing1, 2. drawing2, 3. drawing3, 4. drawing5

as i said, i did screen prints of the e-mail notifications that i got when people commented, so then i printed them out and chopped them up with my papercutter. i folded them all in half and dropped them in one of my vintage tupperware canisters (isn't it awesome? i have the whole set! $8!!). and then i drew names!

sofie the kitty princess supervised the name drawing -

all but one of the packages was mailed today, i was waiting for an address. i even mailed the canadian one from the US - can we talk again about how utterly ridiculous that it is cheaper for me to take a package into the US to ship, where it'll just turn around and go back into canada? USPS was 1/3 of the price Canada Post would have been! what the hell?

anyway! thank you so much to everyone for playing along, and i hope you'll come back again! i have ideas for future giveaways, i'm impatient to do them! as requested by a few of you, i definitely want to do a button giveaway - i just need to get them organized first!


Sue said...

Love that your kitty was such a help picking a name! Hope he picks mine this time!

amy dame said...

ha! i'm sure she'll help this time too! she doesn't like it when i do things that take my attention away from her, she's a bit of a spoiled brat!

~Laurie~ said...

I love the idea of a button giveaway - I'll have to follow you to find out when you decide on this! I think you may be giveaway tired though when this SEWN party is done!!

Tasha said...

oh well maybe I will win sewn instead ;) I am following you anyway, but would LOVE to hear if you are doing a button gieaway!!! :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

What a helpful kitty! Congrats to all the winners.

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