Friday, June 5, 2009

Vintage Sheets!! Swap!!

in other exciting news, i joined a swap, and you should too!

Jen at Rosey Little Things is organizing a Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Swap, signups end June 12th - or when the number of participants hits 50. click on the image below to check it out!

vintage sheet swap

i love vintage sheets so much. i've been buying them for quite a while now (it just occurred to me that i don't think i ever posted the patchwork vintage sheet duvet cover i made my friend kate...) and using them for various small projects, like the Pillowcase Apron.

after i saw the swap and signed up, i decided to go thrifting on wednesday looking for more! i went a leeetle bit overboard with the thrifting (pyrex!! fabric!! hankies!!), but i did manage to find a bunch more sheets. multiple washing machine loads later, they were ready to be cut out. i started cutting them out last night, but after accidentally cutting 4 pillowcases (stacked on top of each other) 20" instead of 21", i decided it was time for bed!

i woke up really early this morning for some odd reason, so i decided to cut the rest out - correctly this time! i mailed them off when i mailed the giveaway prizes, the earliest i've EVER been for a swap!!

aren't they pretty?

Vintage Sheet FQs
1. IMG_1017, 2. IMG_1016, 3. IMG_1015, 4. IMG_1014, 5. IMG_1013, 6. IMG_1012, 7. IMG_1010

i have all these delicious scraps sitting next to my cutting board, calling to me.... i have so many other things to sew, but oh, they're so pretty!!

i'm really excited about this! if anyone's into a personal swap in addition to the rosey little things swap, let me know! i'd love to get more shades of green and blue in my collection.


roseylittlethings said...

Yummy sheets, so fun to see all the different sheets out there!

danielle said...

oh your so lucky- i have been stalking my local thrift shops lately trying to score some great sheets...i did find some (i posted pics on my blog) but not as pretty as yours...well done- and thanks for link...i am headed over there now

amy dame said...

thanks roseylittlethings! i wish i'd gotten more pictures, but i was rushing out the door to mail them before my dr's appointment.

danielle, it's totally hit and miss! i made a patchwork duvet for a friend a few years ago and i couldn't find decent vintage sheets ANYWHERE. i had to search so hard to get enough for the project, and there were a few that i wasn't really fond of, but i needed to use them.

and then just lately i started looking again, and found a ton! there seem to be way more pillowcases out there than sheets, so don't forget to look for them too!

Brittany said...

After seeing this post I went to the thrift store looking for some pretty vintage sheets of my own. No luck. Nothing was cute. But I did get some ugly, ugly curtains that had over six yards of that fuzzball-type trim (sorry, I don't know what it's called) on it. So I'm ripping off the trim and the ugly curtains are going right back to the thrift store. Maybe Maria Von Trapp wants to make some play clothes out of them.

Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) said...

Do you find all your great vintage sheets at thrift stores? I struggle to find many which aren't too worn or just ridiculously expensive for the quality. I definitely haven't found anywhere near as many as you have. Maybe Australians don't give away/throw out their vintage sheets?

buebau said...

They are gorgeous! But the yellow one in the 1st pic is amazing!

Tasha said...

I have been into vintage things for a while, especially buttons, but have only just found the sheets love!! I was lucky enough to get some for free from a lady decluttering her house and she had had them for ages :)

Susan said...

The vintage sheets are amazing. I need to go looking for some, just not quite sure where to look. We have a couple of thrift stores in town, maybe I will try those.

carmel said...

i saw it on my googel reader! looks great!
thanks for the very usefull information!

Unknown said...

I found some in a thrift store and also got some from a few ladies at church. I should put out a bulletin thing "looking for old sheets!" LOL :)

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