Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fabulous Father's Day Idea!

Erin at has created two really awesome PDFs for a super simple but still super cool Father's Day present.

i don't know about you, but my dad is RIDICULOUSLY hard to shop for. if he wants something, he goes and buys it, no matter how close it is to a holiday (my brother's the same way. grr!) he was really into beer and wine making for a while, and that was somewhat easy to shop for - he got lots of books on the topics, and some various equipment. my sister gave him two big tubs of honey last father's day, and then managed to con him into giving her half the mead he made from it (still not sure how that worked out!).

anyway. he's kinda taking a break from the beer making now, and is super obsessed with his new boat. unfortunately, none of us know anything about boats, so that's much harder to shop for! we usually end up buying him home depot or canadian tire giftcards, which are such a cop out gift,and besides, my brother's girlfriend just gave him two big ones for putting in her hardwood flooring.

soo..... what to give him this year? a personalized tin full of candy wrapped in funky labels!

i LOVE the Custom Tool labels, they are so perfect for my dad - mechanical themed ones would be too, but motorcycle mufflers aren't really a selling design feature! he's definitely going to be getting a pack of resiens wrapped in tools this year!

Erin's doing a giveaway too, of both PDFs AND 2 tins to hold the candy! You have until Friday night to enter, so hustle on over. The PDFs in the giveaway are customizable with your own message, so they'd be equally perfect for a handy mother or partner!

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