Saturday, May 16, 2009

hello blog land!

bit of a break there, huh?

i want to say thank you to everyone who commented on my post about the embroidery drama. i know it was controversial, and i really appreciate that everyone who commented was respectful and intelligent. i unfortunately posted it at a bad time for me (blegh!), and wasn't able to respond as much as i would have liked to. the last few weeks have been pretty craptastic, to tell the truth.

however, i've been missing blog land, so i thought i'd do a bit of an update post.

what have i been up to, other than being craptastic?

i made my mom a nightgown for mother's day, out of a sweet jersey knit with tuxedo kitties all over it, like my sofie bean. i try to buy her a new nightie every year or so, and always with cats on it, but i've been searching everywhere and haven't found any lately. then i found the fabric, and it was perfect!

i've been sewing for Caring Hearts, i dropped of 16 pairs of pj pants/shorts last week when i went in to volunteer.

i totally fell in love with the vintage cotton that i made one of the pairs out of.
it was donated fabric. about 5 of the pairs were made of donated fabric, the rest came out of my stash. it's nice to clear out some of the stuff i'll never use!

i have at least 10 more pairs still at home, in varying degrees of completion. i made 4 toddler size hoodies, and have two more cut out and ready to sew. they're super cute, two shades of blue with mickey mouse heads on them. my sister got me the zippers i needed (7" separating zippers, so hard to find!), so i'll finish them up soon.

i did some fabric ATCs to angel for the Fabric ATC Swap Round 4 that i organized on craftster, unfortunately we had a flaker. one has been received, but the other 2 were mailed later, and are still on their way.

here's the one that's been received -
sent to mcbenno
the recipient loves rainbows, so i found this design on and stitched it out on blue felt. the plane button was hand stitched on afterwards.

speaking of fabric atcs, sheepblue posted a much better picture of the robot atc that i sent her, the colours are MUCH more accurate!

the other day i played around with some ribbons and lace, just experimenting a bit.

i joined a swap on flickr, in the Phat Quarter embroidery community, so i've been working on that the last few days. i finished up the embroidery portion tonight, but the piece needs to be finished. i rinsed it out, so it'll dry overnight and i'll finish it tomorrow, only a day or so late! the theme is anatomy, i can't wait to see what everyone else did!

i got an amazing package from the incredible phizzy, i have to take pictures and post them. she spoiled me!

and the fabulous jean sent me action shots of some of the bibs i made for her son, camden!

the first is actually a set of bibs that i made for camden and his cousin, i made them way back in november. this pic was taken in february, so they've both grown so much since then!

the second is an action shot of this bib, which i made when i first got my Brother SE 350. i posted the bib on craftster, along with a few others, but i do'nt think i ever posted them here.


isn't he a cutie?!

i still haven't posted pictures of the pendants i made for the pendant swap, or of all the wristlets i made in my etsy. those are all coming soon!

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