Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i've FINALLY updated my etsy shop. whew. there always seems to be so many things to make, i can never find enough time!

the last few weeks i've made the time, and i'm really happy with the stuff i've finished and listed.

today was a really really long day, and i'm not up to posting aaallll the pics right now (there are lots!), so i'll just post a few to arouse your curiousity!



this isn't even all of them, there was another set that i finished after this was taken. if you're super curious, you could, of course, go see them all with lots of detail in my etsy shop!


Cheryl said...

Wow Amy, these are cute! I do not think this is simple sewing! LOL! I do charity sewing too - I think every little girl should have a pretty dress.

amy dame said...

no, the vinyl applique stuff isn't quite as simple! i was refering to the charity sewing, it's a few posts back.

i wish i could do fancier stuff for the charity, but we provide clothing to transition houses, that sort of thing, kids in crisis, so we really try to make basic outfits that can be used for more occasions than say, an easter dress!

right now we're so so low on kid's clothing (we have more knitters and crocheters than sewers) that i'm concentrating on things that are quick and simple to make. this week is all about the pj pants! we have a bunch of nighties, but no pjs for boys other than size 6!

i'm hoping we can get a bit more of a stockpile built up, and then i'll be able to make stuff that's a bit fancier and not feel guilty spending the time on them!

gingerquilts said...

Love your vinyl goodies Amy! I read your previous post about the embroidery drama with great interest. Keep crafting with passion! That's one of the things I love about you. Gonna go use my awesome purse now . . .

Miranda said...


I wanted to see what youd been up to lately, so I went to your etsy to see what you had in stock. I saw the ginkgo wristlet and melted! I may be purchasing that soon, though Ive got bills to pay first. Want!

amy dame said...

thanks jenni! lately i've been all about the controversial posts, i guess! i thought of another one yesterday, but i'm resisting... i figured i should get a few more actual CRAFT posts up before i do anything more about opinions! i'm so glad you're still loving your purse! i need to make myself one - can you believe that i've been working for vinyl for going on 6 or 7 years now, but i've never made myself a vinyl purse?

nilla, that wristlet was totally inspired by YOU!! it wasn't until after i made your ginkgo bag that i even started thinking about using that image, and the glitter vinyl was from our marathon shopping trip! swap me something for it! don't you have a pair of slippers half finished for me already? finish them up!

Unknown said...

I LOVE the clover bags! That shade of green is my favorite color!

Misty.Creek said...

Seriously, your bags are so dang cool! Great craftsmanship.

amy dame said...

thank you both! that shade of green is totally NOT my favourite colour, but i've been super drawn to it lately - maybe it really is!

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