Wednesday, February 11, 2009

more pink and purple and hearts!

as i said before, i love valentine's day. i love making valentines and sending them out to everyone i know, to remind them that i care.

i posted earlier showing the mail pouch i made for valentines this year, and my stack of valentines all enveloped up and ready to be mailed, but as far as i know, they've all been received now, so i can post pics of the actual valentines. i made almost 60, it was slightly ridiculous! i was in the classroom card swap on craftster, so i had to make valentines for the swap in addition to friends!

see any similarity to the pouch? ;)

pink upholstery vinyl stamps with stazOn ink, cut and stitched to cardstock. the images are from a scrapbooking sheet of faux postage by K and company, illustrated by Brenda Walton.

a few in progress shots -
first layer

mid layer

inks used were stazOn royal purple, fuscia pink, black cherry and vibrant violet.
stamps used were pink paislee love, scallop heart, check heart and polka dot heart. studio g clear stamps and rubber stamps. autumn leaves love with a flourish, heart within a heart and 4 small hearts. small lips and hearts stamps were no name.

after the stamping was all done, i cut the vinyl pieces smaller, and stitched the faux postage stamps onto them (they're pretty big faux postage stamps!), and then stitched the vinyl onto cardstock. i love how they turned out, so cute!

these are the valentines i sent out last year,
they were blogged about here, with info about how i made them.

and these were the valentines that i sent the year before that. these are still my favourites i think!
grainelevator valentine
you may know by now that i have a slight obsession with wooden grain elevators, i absolutely love them, and this line for a rae spoon song was so perfect for a valentine! these were made before i had a scanner, or even a decent printer, so they were much more cut and paste than i've done in a while.

and i also promised that i'd post about the UTEE heart that i sent in that swap package, didn't i? UTEE is my new obsession, i can't wait to try a million more things with it!

UTEE Hearts

i melted some UTEE and UTEE flex in the ranger melting pot (which i totally scored for $9.60 at a boxing day sale!) i poured out small puddles on a silicone baking sheet (my non-stick craft sheet is in the mail) and used a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut the shape while the UTEE was still hot. i don't have any coloured UTEE, or any of the dye that works with it, so i decided to try pouring regular embossing powder on top. it turns white when it gets too hot, so i was able to get the marbled look by over heating it. i poured it into the middle of the filigree heart, but UTEE shrinks slightly as it cools, so it needs to be glued to stay.

the UTEE is slightly yellowy in tone, especially after you add the flex, as you can see by the backs -
UTEE hearts (backs)
with the pink one i tried mixing the embossing powder in with the UTEE before i cut the heart shape, so you can see the colour on the back as well. it's very cool stuff!

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