Sunday, January 25, 2009

valentines loveliness!!

just a quickie, because i should be in bed right now! (i've gotten myself onto a nocturnal schedule again, and i'm trying to break it!)

but i wanted to show what i've been working on. kinda.

i signed up for the valentine classroom card swap on craftster because i LOVE valentines! i hate all the consumerism of valentine's day, but i love handmade things. i love the kitschyness, and i love any opportunity to tell people that they're loved. every year i send out valentines, and i figured that with the swap, i'd just make more! (plus, i'm trying to force myself to craft, no matter how terrible i feel, remember?)

i had my valentines all figured out already, i had a brainstorm back in december, but then i found the more fabulous scrapbooking paper, so i changed them slightly to incorporate it.

following the swap thread, people were chatting about making boxes to hold their valentines, like we used to in grade school. i decided to make a little pouch for all mine, and this is what i ended up with.




it's pale pink upholstery weight vinyl stamped with a ton of stamps in royal purple, fuscia pink, black cherry, and vibrant violet stazOn ink. after i'd stamped it, i stitched all over with three different colours of thread, pink, fuscia and purple, and stitched it together. it has a vintage dead stock zipper, as per usual (i love vintage zippers!)

and here it is with a stack of valentines!
the stack on the right is all the US addresses, and the stack inside it are the canadian and international addresses. i made over 60 valentines! i definitely didn't intend to make that many, i started out with 50, and that seemed like a lot, and then i ran short!


Cynthia F said...

Love it!! What a great idea!! I hope you get lots in return....!!

TiLT said...

That is great! And I love the bag - turned out awesome!

amy dame said...

thank you both!

i WISH more people did valentines! i'll probably just get the swap ones, no one else seems to enjoy making them as much as i do!

Teapot said...

OMG! Everything you do is magic!

amy dame said...

thanks sarah! i could say the same about your food and polyclay creations, neither of which i can do!

Karin said...

I'm completely in love with that bag! And I don't even celebrate Valentines! :)

amy dame said...

aw, thanks karin! i'm sad that you don't do valentines though, it's such a great opportunity for kitschy goodness!

are you still into doing an atc along? we should get that started! maybe a list of themes and/or techniques every month? do you have any ideas?

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