Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentines day everybody!

i hope you're having a good day, whether you're single or what! valentines day is about all kinds of love, and i've definitely received some awesome love this year!

twiztidblood and lori/batgirl both sent me valentines, which are so awesome!

twiz's card is made out of awesome polka dot fabric with hearts sewn right on!
a surprise from twiz!

and lori's card has awesome hearts made out of a punjabi newspaper, a map, and red glitter!
vday card

my dad gave me this orchid, which is gorgeous!
i love the colours, they're like stargazer lilies, which i love, but can't handle the smell of (why do lilies have to stink so bad?!)

and teddybearbones from craftster, who i swapped with last valentines day, sent me this awesome surprise!
taschen love
it's the taschen vintage valentines book! i LOVE taschen books, i collect them, they're so gorgeous. i'd never seen this one, which is good, cause i probably would have bought it if i had! i love vintage valentines, and this book has an awesome variety from different time periods. it's so amazing, and i was just blown away by how awesome it was of her to think of me and send it!

(isn't the fabric i photographed it on cool? it's vintage cotton that i paid $0.59 for a few weeks ago!)

and speaking of vintage valentines, yesterday i discovered this!
vintage valentine museum!
how very cool is that?!


Brook said...

Lucky! those cards are cool.

amy dame said...

thanks! i do feel lucky, i have amazing people in my life!

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