Monday, February 16, 2009

more embroidered love!

holy crap USPS! i sent a package to my friend jamie on thursday, and it arrived yesterday! i'm really glad i didn't pay the $30 to get it there by saturday, since the regular priority mail worked just as well!

i was super impatient for it to get to her, because i LOVED how it turned out!

i fell in love with the january freebie from bad bird/andrea zuill, and i really really wanted to stitch it. jamie really loves the colour combo of oranges and pinks, which was perfect for this design, there are lots of little bits to stitch in different shades!
love yourself

the large heart is chain stitch (dmc 600 and 608), stem stitch (dmc 718), backstitch (dmc 741), french knots (dmc 740 and unknown) and detached chain stitch/lazy daisy stitch/tied loop stitch/picot stitch/petal stitch (dmc 608).

love yourself detail2

small hearts are blind stitch/forbidden stitch/pekinese stitch/chinese stitch (unknown colour), lettering is stem stitch (dmc 740)

jamie took some awesome shots too!


and here's the whole package -
jamie package
the towel, all folded up, a card like my valentines, CANDY, and two super cute baby onesies!

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