Monday, February 16, 2009

excitement and sadness.

i have exciting news and sad news and happy news! i thought about making separate posts, so that the happiness wasn't contaminated by the sadness, etc, but that felt a bit too much like a little kid whose peas and potatoes can't touch on the plate, so i'll post them all at once.

sad news, to get it over with -
Craft: is no longer publishing print magazines! this must be a fairly new decision, since issue 10, in stores now, has subscription cards in it. i'm sad, because as much as i love the craft: blog, it's just not the same as holding the magazine in your hands.

the announcement was made last wednesday, and i haven't really heard many people talking about it, so i'm not sure how readily known it is. however, the people who HAVE heard, are kinda upset, and craftzine posted a FAQ about the change on friday.

on a positive note though, they finally have copies of issue 1 in the makershed! everytime i've looked it said it was sold out, and i thought i'd missed out on it! it's the only issue that i don't have, i was so sad! but i got it! huraay!

and now for some exciting news! i'm blogging at a new blog!
queercraft is a group blog for queer crafters to share projects, ideas, inspirations, favorite crafted items, or anything relevant to queerness as it intersects with gender performance and the politics of making/creating.
please go check it out, and if you know of anyone (maybe yourself!) who'd be interested in joining us, let us know!

i've done two posts so far, and i'm busily thinking of more to come. some things may be duplicated from here, or only slightly altered, but other posts will be just for queercraft. you'll miss them if you're only reading here!

also very exciting, is that beelisty was featured on mr xstitch's blog this week! it's so awesome, and the comments are all so sweet!

and in not necessarily exciting, but very happy, news, remember how i said i wanted to do something crafty every single day? i'm still doing it! i don't think i've missed a day since i started. this definitely goes down as the longest lasting new years resolution i've ever had!

now i just need to actually POST the crafty stuff i've been doing, then i'd be totally set! i did finally convince my family to remove their ironing from my dressform (apparently she was a handy ironing pile!), so i'll be able to take some pics of the skirt binge i went on a few weeks ago.

and since this post is full of links already, i'll leave you with a few more - more free vintage valentine images at (found via craft) i know, i know, valentines is over, but jeez, download 'em now and save them for next year. stop yer whining! it's a very cool site in general anyway, they've got lots of easter and st patrick's day images too! not my cup of tea, but you might like 'em!

and also found via craft (their blog's awesome, even if it's not paper!), downloadable Betsy McCall vintage paper dolls that are oh-so-cute and sweet! i love Sandy McCall's hair in this one!


Kristina said...

Thanks for the link, I will have to check it out. Sorry about craft magazine! I will definitely check out the blog though!

amy dame said...

thanks! i hope you enjoy it!

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