Thursday, February 26, 2009

love love love! love atcs

okay, i PROMISE that this is the last of the valentine's day stuff!

i was holding off on posting these until they were all received, but one seems to have gotten lost, and since i'd like to get all the valentine's day stuff posted before the end of february, here they are!

i started making atcs for the love/hate atc swap on craftster by pulling out ALL my valentine themed paper and stamps and goodies. i put them all into a half sized rubbermaid tub, and started from there! (it wasn't nearly as bad as my halloween pile, but it was still pretty ridiculous!)

these are the atcs i ended up with. way more than i needed, but it took a few to get back into the groove, and then i was on a roll!

i love this one! it's base was painted, and then a silicone transfer was used with dotted scrapbooking paper. the image in the corner is from ARTchix, printed smaller to fit on the atc. the red translucent stuff is like lighting gels, i know there's another word for it, but i did theatre too long to think of what else to call it! it's attached with grommets, and then a flower was glued on, with a vintage cardboard poker chip over it.

the background is a page from a french version of alice in wonderland, attached to the card with acrylic medium, and then layers were removed with tape before it was dry. after it was dry it was sprayed with cherry blossom walnut ink (tsukinek). the hearts are part of a doily, inked with pigment and chalk inks, and the dotted lines in the upper right are a piece of a player piano roll. the image is from a folder on my computer, possibly lisa voltrath, but i'm not sure.

this has the same background as the one above. there is a packing tape transfer on the bottom left, it's most visible where it overlaps the player piano roll bits. again the inked doiley, and the sacred heart stamp is from invoke arts.

again the same background and the inked doily. image is from a folder, probably lisa volltrath, given the low quality of the image. (her freebies are low) at the bottom is more player piano roll, the actual holes that were used to create the music.

this one started with a painted base, and then a silicone transfer was done using scrapbooking paper. the left side has a packing tape transfer made using paper from the same line, and the upper right has a piece of the actual paper. the numbered ephemera at the bottom is vintage, and the flocked hearts are making memories stickers.

this one has a packing tape transfer of a vintage valentine (photocopied first of course!), a foil heart transfer, more of the numbered ephemera, a bingo chip stamped with stazOn, and this awesome plastic lace stuff that is attached with pink staples.

this one has the same numbered ephemera, with a packing tape transfer of scrapbooking paper, the same stuff i used for my vinyl valentines. there's an inked doily on the side, and ruffled lingerie elastic. i added some flocked waves and a heart with a transfer.

pretty simple, but cute. an inked doily, another image from ARTchix, a flower, and a glittery heart brad.

this one was way cooler in person! it's layers, with the base polka dot scrapbooking paper, then a layer of the red plastic lacey stuff, then a layer of funky pale pink netting. the layers are attached in the corners with grommets, and then the flower is attached with the glittered heart brad.

this one is my least favourite, i'll probably rework it. the base was painted, then a silicone transfer was done with scrapbooking paper. there's inked doiley, a few tickets, and some more of the funky pale pink netting. the velvet lips are a making memories stamp, but i don't really like them. it needs something else in that corner!


Karin said...

I love all your cards for this swap! I can't even pick a favorite!

amy dame said...

aw, thank you! that's really nice to hear, cause i was actually unhappy with them!

it had been a while since i'd made any ATCs, what with the holidays and all, and it took me a while to get into the groove again. it didn't help that i used the cherry blossom walnut ink, it ended up being a shade that i never use, so i was struggling with that too!

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